How to make your Lyca Mobile Uganda Internet Connection faster

Lyca Mobile Uganda is known to be extremely slow even with the best Internet bundles in Uganda. From the time it made its services available to the public in April 2020, the telco has not registered good reviews tagged to the quality of their Internet Speeds.

Having used Lyca Mobile for a while now, we realized that a general problem exists for users who don’t double-check their connection settings.

Given the fact that most telcos like Airtel, MTN, Africell, Smile, and the likes automatically allow a user to connect to the Internet without any prior connection tweaks. For Lyca, the story flips, and here is how you can make your Internet connection faster by setting it up well.

Making your Lyca Mobile Uganda Internet Connection faster

The Trick: Ensure that you have the Correct Lyca Mobile Internet Settings

On a Smartphone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then, Dual SIM & Cellular Networks
  • Choose your Lyca Mobile Uganda SIM Slot (whether 1 or 2)
  • From the list, Choose Access Point Name
  • Add a new Profile by tapping the + Symbol
  • Name the profile “Lyca”, then enter the APN “”
  • Save the new Profile and Activate it for your SIMcard
  • Done: Your Lyca Mobile Uganda Internet Connection will improve and perform faster than on any other profile

On a Router or MIFI Dongle

  • Login to your router Interface (Via an IP like
  • Go to Settings, then select Dial UP or Connection Settings
  • Go to Profile Management
  • Click Add New Profile
  • Set the Profile Name to “Lyca Mobile”, then APN to Static with “”
  • Done: restart your router

So, by setting as your default APN, your Lyca Internet connection will perform faster than with any other default settings. This is because, the generic “Internet” APN defines many access points, while “” trims access to strictly Lyca’s broadcasting signal.

Hence, we hope your Lyca Mobile Internet speeds will improve if you apply the right settings on your Phone or default gateway (MIFI Router). But in case the connection remains slow, then your location or device could be having a slow-connection flag.

Practically, we experienced 10times better Internet Speeds when we tweaked our Lyca Mobile Uganda SIM with these new settings. Nonetheless, share with us your experience with the telco in the comments section below, and if the above procedure works for you.