Manda Mobile: A Replica of MTN Uganda with amazing offers for customers

Manda Mobile is the latest mobile telecom operator to consider Uganda as a target market for its customers. Routing off MTN Uganda’s country-wide network, Manda Mobile is a digital service that uses MTN services to deliver to customers amazing offers at more affordable rates.

Unlike the Airtel Uganda and MTN trend of slashing SIMCard prices, a Manda Mobile SIMCard is priced at UGX 5,000 which is above the average of what most providers charge. Well, with the hefty price tag comes amazing offers currently populated with 300MBs at UGX 1,000.

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However, Manda Mobile uses a mobile app developed by MTN Uganda to synchronize customers with its services, and this leaves out the general population that still lies on feature phones to make calls, send text messages (SMS) and transact with MTN Mobile Money which is another service Manda Mobile depends on.

For now, not much has been let out of the bag for Manda Mobile, but in short, it’s a Replica of MTN Uganda’s services with an active Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) license to offer improved MTN services to Manda Mobile customers. Once the telco becomes a big hit like it has invested in its market spree, we shall review its offers as compared to customer-loved telcos like Lyca Mobile Uganda.

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