MTN customers encouraged to save with Mobile money in new campaign

MTN Uganda has today launched a campaign to uplift a money-saving spirit in customers. Through the campaign running under the theme “Keep some money on MTN Momo”, MTN aims at showing customers why its important to maintain or keep a non-zero Mobile money account balance.

With the current COVID19 Pandemic stressing customers financially, the need to save is a new norm that has been to be fully adopted even after the Pandemic period. It’s through this fashion that MTN seeks to pave a new path for customers by highlighting uncertainty-centric benefits of using Mobile Money.

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Major saving benefits include: the convenience of paying for products and services like airtime, voice and data bundles, Yaka electricity units, National water, school fees, shopping, and much more.

In the campaign that will run under the theme, “Keep some Money on MTN Momo, It saves”. Convenience and safety majorly combine as solutions in emergency situations for customers.

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According to MTN’s General manager Mobile Financial Services. The campaign is tamed at encouraging customers to keep some money on their phones, from whatever amount they’re able to. 

You don’t have to deposit all your money, keep some on MTN MoMo to use it when you need it most. For example, if you have 5,000/-, you can deposit 2,000/- on your MTN MoMo account. This 2,000/- will come in handy when you need to buy airtime or data bundles at night when the shop is closed or if your power goes off at night and you need to buy Yaka units

Mutana Stephen – General Manager Mobile Financial Services

Relatedly, Stephen also cautioned customers against sharing their account PINs, to stay safe from any incidences of fraud, since only the user with a PIN can access an account’s balance.

So, as banks continue to devise digital measures for customers to access their savings, telcos now headlined by MTN are encouraging customers to save money on their mobile money accounts, alongside savings services such as Mokash and Airtel’s Wewole service.

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