How to buy UMEME Yaka Tokens with or without mobile money

UMEME Yaka is a basic requirement that meets your expenses list on a monthly timeframe if not a weekly tier depending on your usage. From the time Yaka was introduced as a compulsory alternative for analog electricity meters in Uganda, buying tokens has always been an annual talk

Though buying tokens has been ruled by telecom companies through mobile money wallets, UMEME Yaka tokens can still be purchased through other channels away from the mobile money path and here are some of those you should be using.

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Through Digital Payment Channels

Digital Payment channels are on the rise and the Uganda Startup ecosystem is accountable for the bullish spikes. With Innovations like Xente, EasyPay, Apay among others closing the competition margin with PayWay, it has become easier and faster to buy Yaka tokens

To buy Yaka Tokens through these payment platforms, all you need is their App, register, deposit funds and start making your payments with ease. The popular most trusted Smartphone payment Apps include:

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  • PayWay Wallet
  • Pebuu
  • EasyPay
  • Xente
  • APay
  • Chipper Cash
  • Wala
  • Among Others

Via Your Bank Account

Banks move fast with current trends, With Mobile Money usage on the rise in Uganda, Local banks have developed new ways to bridge the gap between them and their customers. It’s through this that you can now make payments through your Bank Account

At the moment, almost all banks in Uganda have mobile banking services alongside Internet banking as another viable option. However, the same banks have created self-service branches like one that was recently launched by Absa bank for easy payments without following a queue

To buy Yaka tokens using your Bank account, you should either register for Mobile Banking or Internet banking to be granted access to your account’s digital interface.

To register for Mobile banking, you should dial your bank’s unique USSD code, Enter or Create a PIN to get access to your Account’s dashboard where you can buy Yaka Tokens by selecting utility payments, For Equity Bank customers here is how they can buy Yaka tokens via Mobile banking

  • *247#
  • Enter PIN
  • On Your Account Menu, Select Make Payments
  • Choose Utility Payments
  • Select UMEME
  • Enter Account Number
  • Then Amount
  • Enter PIN to confirm Payment
  • Wait for a Yaka Token sent to your Phone Number
  • Done

Through a Mobile Money App

In Uganda, MTN boasts as the best Mobile Money provider as Airtel follows with a normal margin separating the two telcos. Fortunately, both providers have Smartphone apps that make Mobile Money payments easier

MTN has a revamped MTN Momo App as Airtel holds the Airtel Money app, and both apps are available off the Google and Apple store. However, Africell which is the 3rd mobile money provider doesn’t have an Africell Money and you have to stick to its USSD codes for now

To make payments through a Mobile Money App, simply login to your Account, then buy Yaka tokens by entering your account number where appropriate then confirm with your Mobile Money pin to receive your token via SMS.

MTN Momo App

  • Open the MTN Momo app
  • Tap Login
  • Wait for a One Time PIN
  • Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Off the Main App Dashboard, Select Payments
  • Choose Utility Payments
  • Select UMEME, then Yaka
  • Enter A/C number and Amount
  • Then, confirm with your Mobile Money PIN
  • Done: Wait for a confirmation SMS that contains your Token Number

On the Airtel Money App

  • Open the Airtel Money App to login
  • On the App Dashboard, Choose payments
  • Then, Utility Payments
  • Select UMEME Yaka to enter A/C Number
  • Input payment amount, then confirm with your Airtel Money PIN
  • Done: Wait for an SMS containing your Yaka Token Number

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