MTN Kabode Supa Vs Airtel 4G Smartphone: The best budget smartphone you should buy

MTN Kabode Supa VS Airtel 4G Smartphone is a showdown of a buy-on loan and buy-on cash comparison. The MTN Kabode Supa is a credit smartphone that you can buy in installments of about 6 months. On the other hand, the Airtel 4G Smartphone is a pay-on-cash smartphone that costs UGX 150,000 discounted from UGX 250,000.

Each of the smartphones cost UGX 250,000 if no promotional offer is running. But, the Airtel 4G smartphone now follows a trajectory that has set its price at UGX 150,000 with attractive specifications.

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In comparison, you are required to pay UGX 49,000 for the MTN Kabode Supa smartphone as an initial deposit, then, clear the balance in 6 months which sets your total pay at UGX 250,000, versus the Airtel 4G Smartphone that now trails at UGX 150,000.

As a fact, the MTN Kabode Supa has no official images versus the Airtel 4G Smartphone which has its real images with the Benco branding displayed on its marketing items. What’s used on the MTN Kabode Supa marketing items are images of the original MTN Kabode that was first shipped before an upgrade with the Supa tagline. The actual MTN Kabode Supa is an ITEL AC250 smartphone.

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MTN Kabode Smartphone Specs and Price in Uganda
TO DATE: The MTN Kabode Supa uses the original MTN Kabode graphics on its promotional items

By specifications, the ITEL AC250 (MTN Kabode Supa) is comparable to the Airtel 4G Smartphone and both smartphones boast with 4G connectivity. However, the difference majorly reflects in the battery capacity with the Kabode Supa borrowing ITEL’s big battery prowess at 2050mAh, and the Airtel 4G smartphone bowing with a 1800mAh capacity.

SpecificationMTN Kabode SupaAirtel 4G Smartphone
Processor1.4Ghz MediaTek ChipsetQuadcore MediaTek Chipset
Screen5 Inches4.5 Inch Screen
Operating SystemAndroid 8 (Go edition)Android 8.1
Network Support2G, 3G, 4G LTE2G, 3G, 4G LTE
Internal Memory8GB8GB
Front Camera2MP2MP
Rear Camera5MP5MP with dual LED flash
Battery2050mAh removable1800mAh
MTN Kabode Supa VS The Airtel 4G Smartphone

Both devices come with Free MTN Data for the MTN Kabode Supa and free Airtel Data for the Airtel 4G Smartphone redeemable once you purchase the smartphone. Optionally, you can buy 1 year of internet access at UGX 86,500 for the Airtel 4G Smartphone.

Verdict: MTN Kabode Supa Vs Airtel 4G Smartphone, the device you should buy

airtel 4g smartphone
The Airtel 4G smarphone feature a quad-core processor with 1GB RAM comparable

Based on our findings about both the MTN Kabode Supa and the Airtel 4G Smartphone, both devices are only good for users switching from feature phones to a smartphone for the first time. However, if you have used serious mid-range or high-range devices, you will find both devices extremely disappointing and slow.

However, in our view, the Airtel 4G Smartphone is the best smartphone you can buy since it has no hidden costs that are often overcharged in the buy-on-loan schemes, and the real product images are used in its marketing item, unlike the MTN Kabode Supa that uses images of the old MTN Kabode.

More so, to buy the MTN Kabode Supa, you have to go through the full process of filling in the pay mpola mpola forms versus the Airtel 4G Smartphone which you can use as fast as you hand over the money at your nearest Airtel service center.

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