COVID19: MTN Promotes the daily usage of Masks through a new Campaign

COVID19 is on a worldwide troll with the highest number of cases ever recorded for a disease ever before. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) spearheading the fight against the notorious pandemic, brands have come up to join the League of Nations to end a situation that has left many businesses on their knees.

Now, MTN is adding its voice to the global drive of raising awareness on the importance of wearing masks through its new campaign dubbed “#WearItForMe” across 21 African and Middle East Countries.

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To help drive this much-needed change in behavior, MTN will commit its September 2020 marketing resources towards encouraging the public to use masks and save lives.                       

As Uganda, and the world at large try to navigate the “new normal” brought about by COVID -19, wearing masks remains one of the most effective preventative measures to slow the spread of the virus.

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However, many people remain reluctant to wear them, if not wearing them incorrectly, over Irrelevant theories of masks to their lives. So, in a bid to remind customers and the public, the telco is now making it a call to save lives.

“ This fight calls for concerted efforts, Wearing a mask correctly is something each one of us can do to protect ourselves and loved ones for it has been proven to be one of the most effective preventive methods in slowing and stopping the spread of the Corona Virus. I however encourage Ugandans to alongside wearing the mask correctly to continue observing the other Standard Operating Procedures including staying at home where possible, social distancing as well as hand washing and sanitizing among others,”

Says Mr. Wim Vanhelluputte – CEO, MTN Uganda

What the WearItForMe Campaign means for MTN as a brand

#WearItForMe is the next phase in MTN’s COVID-19 response under Y’ello Hope – MTN’s umbrella initiative which provides much-needed support during times of societal need. 

It is a powerful call-to-action using the voice of some of the most influential figures within our communities and across the continent; our mothers, and mother-figures.

The campaign will see mothers and mother-figures sending heartfelt messages to their children, and all the children of Africa, to wear their masks to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

“As part of the campaign, MTN will also be distributing 100,000 masks to customers through the MTN service centers across the country,”

Added Wim Vanhelleputte

The telco’s Campaign will build-on several interventions carried out since the Initial COVID19 bulls peak in March 2020 under the Y’ello Hope Initiative. Previously, the telco contributed to the COVID19 Taskforce in Uganda with billions in media, community, transport, and materialistic support.

Additionally, through campaigns like MomoNyabo Together that has rewarded customers from a joint UGX 1.2Billion Cash Prize pool, the telco has prioritized looking after its customers, communities, and networks while to help mitigate the pandemic and its effects on livelihoods.

How customers can participate

#WearItForMe will run throughout the month of September on MTn’s media platforms. For customers to participate, they must Visit to upload a selfie and a message to someone encouraging them to wear a mask.

Generated Customer Graphics/Images have captions that read “WearItForMe; because when we all wear masks, we protect each other“. Once generated, a user can then share the graphic on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other platform of their choice.

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