Uber Connect: A New service that allows you to send Packages in Uganda

Uber Connect is a new delivery service that has been unveiled today by Uber Uganda. With the App, customers are able to send packages to friends through the Uber App. In simple terms, Uber Connect is a courier level service aimed at secure package deliveries.

The service launches in a timeframe ruled by a nationwide lockdown forcing Uber to halt operations in Uganda. According to the Uber country manager, Uber has been sourcing for new solutions to still serve customers under the current COVID 19 Pandemic.

During this crisis, we have been working around the clock to find innovative ways to leverage our technology to assist consumers to move essential care packages while also enhancing earnings opportunities for drivers on our platform

Aaron Tindiseega, Uber Uganda Country Manager
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How to send Packages with Uber Connect

  • Pack your items in a sealed box or bag
  •  Then clean your Package’s surface with a disinfectant
  • Choose Your Package destination ‘Where to?’ in the Uber app.
  • Choose Uber Connect as your ride option (Ignore UberX, Uber Boda)
  • You’ll then get notifications with instructions on how your package will be picked up
  • Once your Driver allows, Simply place your Package in the car boot
  • If paying with Cash, Hand it to the driver with minimal interactions
  • You can then share the package’s real-time location stats with up to 5 contacts If you wish

By its operations fashion, Uber Connect shares the same model as SafeBoda’s delivery service with the service’s drivers taking on the mantle to deliver packages safely from customers to their recipients.

Hence, with the new Uber connect service, Customers will be able to send packages, and not initiate actual trips to have their Items delivered to a recipient.

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