Hungry? Order food online on these Apps / Websites in Uganda

E-Commerce has shifted from just an online shopping affiliated wave to an almost all services pike. With Jumia leaving no option unchecked as it trecks each and every service that can be remotely ordered. More startups continue to rise to offer solutions for all new and already existing non-digital services.

Among these non-digital, but internet-able services is Food orders. Popular Kampala restaurants like KFC, Cafe Javas, java house among others boasted with on-call services where a customer simply places a call and have his/her food delivered to the doorstep.

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Well, the Calls ratio trend is now gone, with cross-market services like SafeBoda already off the trend to a full app or Internet basis. Now, popular services like Jumia Food, Pizza hut allow you to easily grab a bite by giving you the power to be your own chef with a custom menu.

Through all online providers, you get to choose your own menu, what you wish to eat, what you wish to drink and any spicers to be added to your package all at the comfort of your living room or office. As a fact, these are the top Websites you can cruise with to order food online in Uganda.

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Jumia Food

Jumia is the king of eCommerce services in Uganda and its food wing is also the biggest in the yard. While the service rebranded from Hello Food, Its layout and restaurants database continues to grow day by day.

You can order your favorite dish by either downloading the Jumia food app or using the Web/ Computer dashboard via

Simba Food

Simba Food crossed over to Uganda last year as the major head to head Jumia Food competitor. Just like Jumia, Simba Food supports a wide range of restaurants to its catalog. In simple terms, Simba is Jumia Food in a RED layout with only differences in delivery rates and hours.

For first-timers, the service offers free coupons for lunch and orders can be placed via the Simba Food Android App available off the Google and Apple Store. However, the service doesn’t offer a web layout and we shall soon find out if the company will roll out a Desktop dashboard as well.

Cafe Javas

CafeJavas is one of the most popular restaurants in Kampala with its popularity streak rendered around City Oil petrol stations. Earlier last year, the restaurant chain unveiled a new remote delivery service where a customer simply places an order and have it delivered in less than 1 hour.

Cafe Javas accepts orders through direct calls and a mobile app that is being worked on by the company. Additionally, the service has a Jumia food subsidiary page where your order is fulfilled by Jumia, but for full Cafe Javas delivery terms, you either place an order by Phone via: +256393000090 or off their mobile app.


Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) is another popular chain of restaurants in Kampala with fired chicken as its default product. KFC offers online orders via the Jumia Food app or through their subsidiary page

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