Paws 4 Uganda: A Pet Store leveraging Digital for Business Continuity

The Current COVID19 Pandemic has struck businesses across the world with a hard bolt. With many currently lifting Closed-Now notices, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) stores have now adopted Digital as a gateway to business continuity.

It’s through Digital that many businesses now continue to survive as Entrepreneurs also devise new paths to bridge Ideas by leveraging available models. A successful instance of an Idea born from the pandemic is Paws Uganda.

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Paws 4 Uganda is an online Pet store that was founded by two budding pet enthusiasts, Mitchel Mwesiga and Warren Muzoora. The former discovered passion after acquiring a great pet breed from the latter who had enjoyed the comfort of being one of Uganda’s prominent breeders for quality bloodlines before the Pandemic period.

Influenced by the Pandemic driven lockdown, The duo of Entrepreneurs chose to turn their mutual passion for Dogs into a solution to connect Dog lovers (owners and passion would-be owners) to quality Information and services including: dog acquisition, nutrition, grooming, accessories and skills training.

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With limited access to high population zones, the duo based their solution on serving Isolated customers who not only have limited reach to pet stores, but would love to acquire quality breeds of Man’s all-time best friend.

By Connecting customers (dog owners) to quality information and services remotely via Twitter and Instagram. A customer is assured of acquiring the particular breed listed by the company before delivery.

Apparently, a low tone of local providers before the lockdown used to promise particular breeds, but then, deliver a breed that later shows its true bloodline months if not years later.

But with Paws 4 Uganda, existing customer complaints and reviews on their Digital Channels help other would-be clients to know the brand’s anticipated quality gauge.

At the moment, Paws has triggered growth on their Channels with customer-customer recommendations and reviews taking a lion’ share. It’s to this that the company could soon become Uganda’s only online Pet store as inked by the founders.

The company takes orders on Twitter, and Instagram where customers submit orders by sending messages to the brand’s pages. In a similar fashion, WhatsApp is also leveraged by the company to keep communication lines with customers open at all times for instant feedback and submission of complaints.

Furthermore, depending on the demand trail, Paws 4 Uganda could soon join the eCommerce space with a custom portal for customers to easily place orders and still benefit from free delivery offers. 

In a nutshell, Paws 4Uganda is one of the unique niche-specific solutions that have leveraged current business models powered by the Web to still serve customers the same way they did before the COVID19 Pandemic.

Editor’s Note: To Order for a Pet: Simply Follow Paws4Ug on Twitter, and Instagram for quality breed orders

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