How to use Airtel Money Pay to Pay for Goods without any Charges

    Airtel Money Pay is a payments service that uses a client-merchant method where a customer can pay for goods and services directly to a merchant cashlessly using Airtel Money.

    Just like MTN Momo Pay, Airtel Money Pay is free to use and doesn’t carry any Mobile money charges to make payments. However, a customer must have enough money left on his account to make a payment with the service.

    To use the service, a customer visits a registered merchant, and buy goods or a service to pay with Airtel Pay by entering the Merchant’s unique code after dialing the *185*9# service code.

    However, non-registered merchants can’t receive money with the service, meaning a customer can only pay with cash or the merchant’s available payment methods. Registered merchants can be recognized with their Merchant code displayed at the point of sale.

    Paying for Goods with Airtel Money Pay

    • Dial *185*9# 
    • Or *185#, then Option 9 (Airtel Money Pay)
    • Enter Merchant Code to Pay to
    • Enter Amount to Pay
    • Confirm Payment with Your PIN code
    • Done: The Merchant will receive your Payment

    With the My Airtel App:

    • Open the My Airtel App
    • Locate the QR code scanner
    • Scan the merchant QR code to receive his payment code
    • Enter Amount to Pay
    • Then confirm payment with your Airtel Money PIN
    • Done: The Merchant will be notified with your Payment


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