How to use Airtel Money Pay to Pay for Goods without any Charges

Airtel Money Pay is a payments service that uses a client-merchant method where a customer can pay for goods and services directly to a merchant cashlessly using Airtel Money.

Just like MTN Momo Pay, Airtel Money Pay is free to use and doesn’t carry any Mobile money charges to make payments. However, a customer must have enough money left on his account to make a payment with the service.

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To use the service, a customer visits a registered merchant, and buy goods or a service to pay with Airtel Pay by entering the Merchant’s unique code after dialing the *185*9# service code.

However, non-registered merchants can’t receive money with the service, meaning a customer can only pay with cash or the merchant’s available payment methods. Registered merchants can be recognized with their Merchant code displayed at the point of sale.

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Paying for Goods with Airtel Money Pay

  • Dial *185*9# 
  • Or *185#, then Option 9 (Airtel Money Pay)
  • Enter Merchant Code to Pay to
  • Enter Amount to Pay
  • Confirm Payment with Your PIN code
  • Done: The Merchant will receive your Payment

With the My Airtel App:

  • Open the My Airtel App
  • Locate the QR code scanner
  • Scan the merchant QR code to receive his payment code
  • Enter Amount to Pay
  • Then confirm payment with your Airtel Money PIN
  • Done: The Merchant will be notified with your Payment
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