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Here is how you can get your PLE | UCE or UACE UNEB results online

How you can get your UNEB PLE/UCE or UACE Results Online without sending an SMS

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) is ford of releasing results every time a new year rises. Last week, the UCE results came into play with boys hitting down girls for yet another academic year. Earlier before, PLE results had quite a bigger margin with performance statistics and all these boil up to how you can easily get your UNEB results.

If you wish to grab your 2018 or future PLE, UCE, and UACE results. The process is simple and quite interesting since you no longer have to send an SMS to 6600 as the old procedure was. But simply hang on to the internet and save yourself some airtime in exchange for MBs.

Getting your UNEB results

Whether you are retrieving your own results or your young sibling made it through the classes. The UNEB website is your absolute path for the results in a simple laid out search field. So, first, go to the UNEB e-registration website here then select results to enter your previous year index number.

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