How to easily recover or replace a lost National ID Card

National ID Cards were flagged off in 2013 with a wide roll out before the 2016 general elections, since then, owning one of these cards not only became a compulsory norm, but a day to day must have Identification document. But then, what if you lose your original National ID card in an accidental francus? What do you do next? Well, breathe in and settle down with our simple guide to help you get a fresh new National ID card replacement.

The National Information and registration authority (NIRA) issued basic citizen guides to go through when registering for a national ID card including the fact that you must retain/keep your original documents for reference. However, replacing a lost National ID card doesn’t require you to go through the hefty pack to receive a quick replacement, but instead follow a clean well-paved path with your already registered NIRA details.

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Visit the NIRA website

The NIRA Website is accessible via From this website, you can choose from a wide selection of NIRA services ranging from birth and death certificates to fully recovering your lost national ID card. Off the NIRA website, choose the lost National ID option to retrieve a list of download links for a replacement form.

Download a National ID replacement form

A National ID replacement form appears different from any other forms hosted on the NIRA website. Once you access the replace national ID option, then download the in-link form to be filled in and submitted to a nearby NIRA office.

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Print and Fill In the form, then submit it to a nearby NIRA office

If you have a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat, you can choose to fill in the downloaded form as a soft copy then print it thereafter. Either way, you can print the downloaded form and fill it without any pre-typed characters ready for submission at your Nearest NIRA office__Whether at the district offices or NIRA Headquarters in Kololo.

Wait for a confirmation and pick your new National ID card

After submitting your well-filled National ID replacement form, wait for a confirmation to pick your new card at the nearest NIRA office. However, if you submitted the replacement documents at a district level office, then you have to pick it from the same office. As per NIRA’s replacement duration, getting a new card may cost you a maximum of 3 months with UGX 50,000 as the total charge payable to the bank for your new card.

nira headquaters in kampala for national id recovery
The NIRA Headquarters at Kololo Airstrip serve as a common ground for national ID replacement forms and processing

Duplicate the new card and safely store its original copy

Safety is always relevant in every aspect of physical documents recovery. So, when you successfully recover your National ID card, then search for a great duplication corner and have an inferior version of the card with you all the time as the original copy keeps is kept safe in your safety volt.

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