Safeboda and Ugabus nominated in the 2018 best apps of Africa awards

Safeboda and Ugabus are two of Uganda’s renowned Transport apps offering quite affordable solutions for an everlasting digital impact. While you can save more with Safeboda’s credit option. Ugabus is also a great option for all those willing to travel as you can save more for less.

These two Ugandan based innovations which are quite trying to spread wings to several African countries ‘like Safeboda already in Kenya’ have been nominated in the 2018 best apps for Africa. Colliding in the same category, several African based startups from SouthAfrica,Kenya, Tanzania didn’t miss on the list.

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Safeboda and Ugabus were reportedly assessed by independent bodies to make it to their respective categories fot the Best apps in Africa awards. Safeboda in the category of ‘Best African App’ is nominated with Farmcrowdy (Nigeria), Fedgroup for Impact Farming (South Africa), Inzone Adlink for Hey Jude App (South Africa), and biNu Africa for Moya Messenger (South Africa). On the other hand, Ugabus Inc. was nominated in the category of ‘Mobility & Transport’with Flx (South Africa), LULA (South Africa), Yego Innovision (Rwanda), and Zuoix for ZOOMED (Cameroon).

Although Safeboda and Ugabus were nominated in top slots of the Best Apps Africa awards. Startups from Kenya, SouthAfrica and Nigeria accompanied many entries from smaller markets like Malawi, Sao Tome & Principe, Mauritania, and Liberia, illustrating the growth of creativity & innovations in Africa.

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