How to set 4G Only mode on your Android Smartphone

4G only on your Android Smartphone is probably the best network mode you can set to enjoy faster mobile Internet speeds before 5G sets-in. With almost every Android release coming with 3G/4G LTE support, switching your phone to 4G-Only delivers better Speeds than any other band.

Commonly, switching to 4G levels up your connection Speeds given the fact that most mobile Internet providers are now transitioning from 3G to full 4G network coverage.

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Exemplary, Lyca Mobile in Uganda only supports 4G, with no direct 3G support as an active band. So, triggering your Android phone to 4G mode gives you access to the telco’s available maximum speeds based on your location.

However, as a common side effect setting your Android Smartphone to 4G only with no rollback schedule to 3G or 2G may attract a few failures like dropped calls if your provider doesn’t support VoLTE. But if well triggered, you should expect improved speeds as compared to base 3G coverage.

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Setting 4G Only with Shortcodes

By default, Android supports backend accessibility shortcodes that can be used to set several system features. Among these, *#*#4636#*#* or *#36446337# allow you to set your Smartphone mode to 4G Only.

Dial *#36446337# or *#*#4636#*#* to access a network menu to switch your mode to LTE or 4G only

Depending on your Smartphone’s processor, the above shortcodes may display network information or enter engineering mode for Snapdragon-powered devices like Oneplus, Oppo, and Samsung.

For MediaTek powered Smartphones, the shortcodes may fail, but several Apps can deliver great results.

Using an Android App to set 4G only mode

4G LTE Switcher (no ads) is one of the best Android apps that allow you to trigger your phone’s network settings without any initial complications associated with In-App permissions.

To set 4G only using 4G LTE Switcher, Download and Install the App from the Google Playstore, then locate the “Set preferred network type” option to access a list of your Smartphone’s supported mobile bands.

How to use the 4G Switcher App

  1. Download 4G LTE Switcher (no ads) from the Google Playstore
  2. Once installed, Open the App
  3. From the list of functions, locate the “Set preferred network type” option
  4. Then choose LTE only
  5. DONE: Your Phone will Switch to 4G Only mode

How to fix possible 4G Only Network effects

If you switch your Android 4G mode to LTE only, possible side effects would rise from dropped calls and inaccessibility to make calls. To avoid this, you should consider packaging 4G with Voice bands LTE/CDMA/UMTS.

So, in case of any 4G Only effects, you can always rollback your mode to support voice bands (CDMA/UMTS) with full 4G mode enabled as the base network band.

Either way, if your Service provider doesn’t support Voice over LTE (VoLTE), switching to LTE Only will disable your ability to make and receive calls. So, often consider pairing LTE with voice bands such as CDMA, and UMTS (GSM) will shrink any possible side effects.

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