How to set your Name as your Caller tune on MTN and Airtel Uganda

MTN and Airtel caller tunes are known for latest comedy skits and billboard 100 tracks hosted in the telco databases as in-call spicers. But nothing excites better than listening to your name greeting instead of a political track or ordinary tone as your call back tune

Well, setting your name as your Caller tune only requires you to choose between hinting its meaning or choosing a ‘ Know Your receiver ‘ rythm on a fixed monthly budget of UGX 700 per tune.

Excitingly both MTN and Airtel as the leading telcos in Uganda allow you to set your name as your default call back tune without blending for a music track or a custom comedy skit. To short the long craze, here are the balance requirements you need to have your Name Tune

MTN: 700/= On Activation, 700/= For the Monthly Name Tune renewal

Airtel: 1400/= On Activation of the Name Tune

Setting Your Name Tune


  • Dial *170#
  • Select Option 2 (Search)
  • Input Your desired name to receive it’s code
  • Then, Redial *170# and Select Option 1( Download Tune )
  • Input Your Name Code (Displayed on step 3)
  • Done

OR: Contact MTN Customer care to receive your custom Name code

On Airtel:

  • Dial *157#
  • Select Option 10 (Search)
  • Then, Select Option 2 (Name Tunes)
  • Insert Your name to be activated
  • Done

Your Name meaning as the Caller Tune


  • Not Available (As per approval by a Customer Care representative)

On Airtel:

  • Dial *157#
  • Select Option 10(Search)
  • Then, Choose Option 3 (name Meaning)
  • Done
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