This happens if you switch from GBWhatsApp to the original WhatsApp application

GBWhatsApp is a moded version of WhatsApp that is loved by many for its exciting features and addon options that make Instant Messaging more fun. However, its not recommended by the WhatsApp team, and as such, a scheme to block usage of the modded App is strongly discouraged.

Commonly, WhatsApp will suspend you account if it detects that your phone number uses a modified version such as GBWhatsApp or TMWhatsApp. Over the years, the GBWhatsApp team has in return modded their way around the suspension bans making it clear for users to safely message without any fears for a suspension.

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Now, what actually happens if you switch from GBWhatsApp to the original WhatsApp application is much more terrifying that a suspension. For example, if you are switching from an Android Smartphone to an iPhone, then, the new changes actually catch up with you.

All groups you are a member of will receive the notification “<your-contact-name> has left the group”. This means, WhatsApp will delete your account once you make the switch from GBWhatsApp and verify your phone number on the original application.

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If you link your WhatsApp GB account to the WhatsApp web application, you will not get affected in any way, but if you rely on the WhatsApp Web’s online feature where you don’t need to keep your phone linked, and by any means your token expires asking for a relink. You may get affected if instead of installing GBWhatsApp, you verify using the original WhatsApp application.

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