In 2020, here is what you should expect from Tech Point Magazine

Tech Point Magazine is a consumer Technology website that focuses on bridging your gap to the world of Startups and Tech news with how to guides and explainers finishing up the content square for your reading pleausre

This year (2020), we plan to change our publishing guidelines and content map to serve you better. But first, Happy New year to all our readers that granted us bullish spikes from 2019.

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In 2020, Video publishing will become part of our weekly schedule as more non-news articles shall step in on a fresh and new design crafted with care for both desktop and mobile readers. Nonetheless, here is a mini-breakdown of what you should expect

A Fresh and New design

At Tech Point Magazine, one of our major goals is to stand out loud and different from what our competitors offer. The Ugandan Tech Blogging community features PC Tech Magazine, TechJaja, SautiTech, Dignited, Digest Africa as some of the portals we share the same content type with

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But what makes us different is first our Site design, Color space before our content is differentiated from the rest. However, with our current design fully optimised for both Smartphone and COmiter access, we aim to further make it more accessible

Through a new Font pack, new stories layout and Home page design, we hope to make the site as fast as possible for easy browsing and adoption to new end-user technologies.

EverGreen Non-News Content

Everyone loves news right? But they work in low timeframes. While we publish the latest technology news and rumours, we plan to reduce the number of articles posted by giving you more explainers and How-to guides to help you solve major hard to crack queries

The BIG 5 + 5

Earlier last year, we introduced a Weekly Tech news digest dubbed Big 5 + 5 that featured the top 5 stories in a week and 5 bonus stories at the end of two fortnights.

However, due to a few consistency glitches, we put a stop to the series and we plan to extend the publishing timeframe to strictly one month in order to feed you with less news, but with the month’s top relevant list grinder to the last dots.

Let’s talk Comics

Comics are legendary story teller graphics that are in most cases based on fiction stories. However, not all are about fiction, some ride on facts and that’s the path we plan to follow by introducing this category.

Tech Point Magazine Comics will be explainers pimped a story-line. For instance, one would wish to know how OTT tax affects his data performance, and the best way to explain that would be through a simple 2-user graphic, a flow we intend to bring to life.

How about a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is undoubtedly becoming the World’s next ordinary Televisions replacement, but that won’t come on a silver plate since stations have also adopted digital trends. Well, we intend to join the digital league by diverting your favourite articles from just text to interesting visual tales

Even when we already have a YouTube channel with almost 1 Video uploaded ever since we opened it up, we plan to publish Videos per 2 weeks and these might not necessarily be explainers, but also your favourite How-to guides inplay.

Our YouTube launch date is set to be revealed in the second quarter of 2020 and we hope to see you click the platform’s red Subscribe button for a dose of interesting Videos each time they go live. Nevertheless, Happy new Year 2020, we hope to serve you better by further improving our publishing standards

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