TECNO Mobile announces its first Smart feature phone running Kai OS

Kai OS is slowly taking over the feature phones range with a wide range of manufacturers dribbling for its access. MTN jumped in as the first major Kai Os powered phone provider in Africa with its phone branded as the MTN Smart and locally known as the MTN Kamunye in Uganda.

Shortly after MTN’s official unveil, TECNO Mobile was rumored to be diving n the same corner not until yesterday when its first Kai OS feature phone was unveiled to the public. During the launch, the TECNO Managing Director hyped the device as one with a wide range of functionalities and fully designed for Africa.

With the arrival of T901 powered by KaiOS, users gain access to apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, and others on an affordable TECNO smart feature phone for the first time. The phone also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G, with significant network speed growth and better anti-signal interference performance as well as faster signal reception in call mode than those in 2G

Stephen Ha – Managign Director, TECNO Mobile
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Among the key features shipped to TECNO’s first feature phone include effective network bands able to capture both 3G and 2G signals for fast communications on the device. As a global standard, the T901 packs Wi-FI and NFC as its network connection.

Memory wise, the TECNO T901 packs a 512MB ROM chip as it boasts with 256MB RAM simply enough to make the phone as fast a mid-range smartphone. As a matter of fact, here is a shot of the new TECNO Smart feature phone specifications.

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TECNO T901 Specifications

  • Operating System: Kai OS
  • Network: Dual SIM, 3G/2G/ Wi-Fi/ GPS bands
  • Memory: 512MB Internal/ 256MB RAM
  • Camera: 2MP Front, 2MP rear
  • Battery: 1900mAh
  • Pre-Installed services: WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps
  • Available Colors: Gold, black and blue

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