Here are the new MTN Uganda Daily Data Bundles, and Prices

Today, news of fresh MTN Uganda daily data bundles has surfaced with big revisions made by the Yello telco. Maintaining the previous pricing from as low as UGX 250 and a Maximum of UGX 1,000 on daily data bundles, MTN Uganda has juiced up its bundle volumes a quarter step higher to offer customers more connection durations than ever before.

Previously, a customer was able to buy 15MBs at UGX 250, and 300MBs at UGX 2,000. But with the new changes, a customer now gets 25MBs instead of 15, and 365MBs instead of 300, at the same pricing.

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This means, MTN Uganda has laid out new 2021 daily data bundles that we don’t expect to change anytime in the year. Much more like a standard, annual promotions are expected on Mobile Money transfers, and maybe, the telco could revise its weekly and monthly bundles as tokens for a campaign.

While speaking to journalists the telco CEO, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte inked the company’s goal to offer faster speeds, and affordable data packages for every customer in the country as he said:

MTN committed to doing all it takes in terms of providing affordable data, on the best data network. And speaking in the context of the times we’re in, we hope these bundles with bigger MBs will support our customers recover from the effects of the lockdown, whether in business, education, or otherwise.

Said Wim Vanhelleputte
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New MTN Uganda Daily Data Bundles Vs the OLD

PRICE (UGX)OLD Bundle VolumeNEW Bundle Volume
MTN Uganda Daily Data Bundles comparison

As per the comparison, MTN Uganda has revised its daily data bundles by a quarter higher in a fashion similar to: the less you pay, the more you get. In simple terms, the telco has simply made a very small change to the bundles that could be irrelevant to the everyday user since the increased volume is quite close to the old data depletion cap.

In a nutshell, if you own the MTN Kamunye, or MTN Kabode phones, these bundles are for you, otherwise, if you own a smartphone, stay in the weekly, and monthly bundles league since only a small change has been made to the bundle structure. For now, we can expect a similar deduction by Airtel Uganda since customers may feel cheated with their unchanged structure.

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