These are the most downloaded Mobile Apps on the Internet in 2020

The Internet is volatile and highly unpredictable, the time you expect a specific service to be the most used service on the Inter-connected web, It’s when a new team of developers disrupts the sphere with a fresh service.

Since June 2019, a lot has changed with the COVID19 pandemic ruling 2020 in high gear. Amidst the swift change in user statistics due to the current Pandemic in 2020, the mobile apps trend was already preset since 2019.

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By Volume, you can easily vote WhatsApp as the most downloaded App due to its billions user mark. However, trends have changed, so are the numbers, and now, Tiktok for one is a platform to watch out for even after 2020.

Collectively, the past year trend shows a bullish rule for Facebook’s suite of apps comprising of Messenger and WhatsApp. Disruptively, TikTok levels the ground by topping the downloads chart since the start of 2020 and only losing April to Zoom due to the COVID19 Pandemic period.

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So, for the past 1 year, the mobile downloads chart shows that Apps gain popularity based on short-term trends. For Instance, the FaceApp rule July 2019 due to its young-old trend, and then TikTok with its short videos trend since then. Nonetheless, here is the full list of the most download mobile Apps from 2019-2020.

Most Downloaded Mobile Apps from June 2019 – June 2020

MonthMost Downloaded App
June 2020TikTok
May 2020TikTok
April 2020Zoom
March 2020TikTok
February 2020TikTok
January 2020TikTok
December 2019WhatsApp
November 2019WhatsApp
October 2019WhatsApp
September 2019WhatsApp
August 2019TikTok
July 2019FaceApp
June 2019Messenger
The Most Download Mobile Apps on the Internet from June 2019-June2020 Source: Sensor Tower

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