WATCH: A Toyota Backed Startup runs a Successful Flying Car test

Skydrive––A Toyota backed Startup has successfully run a piloted flying-car test. An SD-03 model vehicle flew around the Toyota test field in the city of Toyota Japan with a Pilot in the driver seat making successful rounds in air.

Billed as the smallest vertical take-off and lacing (VOTL) Vehicle, the SD03 is the smallest flying machine with a plan to bring to play new means of transportation for urban life.

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The Vehicle equips a total of 8rotars that help if fly through safely incases of main motor failure. On top of that, the Vehicle has a landing deck similar to that equipped by helicopters to guide its take-off and landing movements.

The Skydrive Sd-03 Flying Car In-Action

When Skydrive expects to launch flying Cars

Skydrive as a Toyota backed startups expects to launch its first 2-seater flying car by 2023. But first, the company is hoping for approval of flights beyond the Toyota test field by the end of 2020.

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If all goes as planned, the company’s first car will launch on the same schedule planned by Japan for its flying taxi service. Once successful, the company’s flying cars will roam in urban centers as fixes for high traffic.

For now, this is an excellent peep at the future where small, short-hop aircraft vehicles will reduce high Traffic Jam rates on top of speeding up trips in several cities around the World.

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