How to Turn Your Old Smartphone into a 24/7 home security camera

Smartphones have evolved from being regular communication devices to must have gadgets of this generation. Interestingly, the more manufacturers battle for market dominance, it’s the more Smartphone prices bevel low and the need to upgrade becomes a perfect choice to consider.

Well, as you think of upgrading to Smartphones like the much prophesized iPhone 9 with an SE codename or ride with a mid-range release. Making good use of your old Smartphone becomes a charm if you turn it into a full-time security camera.

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To turn your Smartphone into an amazing security camera for either your home or office, you only need a pinch of requirements to create your new DIY full surveillance camera.


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  • A Smartphone with functioning rear and front cameras
  • Security Camera App
  • Your Smartphone charger
  • A Memory or TF card for more local storage
  • Constant/static Power source
  • An Active Internet Connection (For remote display)

Getting started: Setting up a security camera App

Once you download a Security App like Alfred, Go through its setup process and signup for an account to easily track your new security camera remotely. You can then choose a location where you wish to set up your new smartphone powered Security Camera.

For 24/7 Surveillance, ensure to locate your Smartphone near a wall socket or power source where it can stay connected to power in order to avoid any interruptions.

Once you ensure a perfect location and power source, Open the security App and leave it open without any other running Apps, but with a stable Internet connection for remote accessibility. For Storage, Insert a good TF card to store all camera recordings locally.


  • Download and Install Alfred or any other security App
  • Finish Installation by setting up the App
  • For Remote accessibility, ensure a proper Internet connection
  • For Storage, the App has cloud compatibility, so you access files from the cloud
  • For local storage, Insert a good Memory card
  • Choose a position close to a power source
  • Plugin your Smartphone charger to keep the Phone up and running
  • You can then monitor footage by loafing your security App credentials on another Smartphone or computer
  • Done: You just set up an affordable security camera
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