UCC clarifies on multiple SIMCARD Verifications, here are the new rules

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has for the past weeks encouraged SIMCARD holders to double check their NIRA information shared with the respective telecom companies.WIth tough conditions awaiting violators of the new verification policy, UCC has yet again clarified on who must and how all SIMCARDs should be reverified to the new standards.

Given the fact that UCC managed to review the deadline of the new re-verification exercise to 15th May 2019 instead of the Genesis moment of 1st May 2019, Subscribers seem to have not considered the new re-verification exercise as serious as the initial exercise 2 years ago provoking a revision by the commission.

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For SIMCARD holders who have never received notifications to reverify their identity at the nearest service center, UCC’s new guidelines shine a globe of light of who qualifies to double check the information shared. Nonetheless, here is what UCC shared about the extended SIMCARD verification exercise.

The New UCC SIMCARD Verification Guidelines

  1. A customer who registered using their NIN and Name – there is no action required. You will not be affected by the upcoming deactivation. Note, no action is required.
  2. A customer with more than one number of a particular network and has carried out biometric verification on any of these numbers (MSISDN) on the same network dating between May 2018 to date, No further action is required.
  3. A customer who used another person’s Name and NIN, please go to the nearest service center with your valid National ID and register afresh.
  4. If a customer used their name but another person’s NIN to register, please go to the nearest service center with your valid National ID and register afresh.
  5. If your Mobile Money is registered under a different name from your SIM registration, please go to the nearest service center with your valid National ID and edit your details.
  6. When you dial *197# and follow the prompts and find that there are numbers registered under your NIN that are not yours, please remove them immediately.
  7. If you registered your child’s phone number under their name but using your NIN (the Parent), the name should also have been the parents as well. Therefore please visit the nearest service center and edit the details as they appear on the National ID’s holder.
  8. If you lost your National ID, NIRA issues confirmation letters attesting to your citizenship and that your registration information exists in the NIRA database. The NIRA letter can be presented to your telecom operator to secure a SIM replacement within 72hrs, given that your name and NIN were previously captured correctly by the operator.
  9. SIM card purchased, upgraded, Swapped and or replaced between May 2018 to date will not be affected by the 1st May 2019 deactivation.
  10. If and when your SIM card is deactivated, you have the opportunity to reactivate the same by presenting a valid National ID for a fresh SIM Card registration.

Editor’s Note: SIMCARD Guidelines Sourced From the UCC official blog

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