Under US Pressure: The UK prime Minister is Planning to ban Huawei

During a general 5G seating last month, the United Kingdom recently opened doors for Huawei on leading the country to a full 5G status. Before the final conclusion could be made for major telecoms to acquire the 5G equipment, US is re-Influencing the nation to bare Huawei equipment from its network infrastructure for security reasons.

While President Donald Trump inked a move to lift the Huawei trade ban in the United States of America (USA) last month. His promise hasn’t lasted with plans to restart the ban from Stage 1 in the US as UK also faces a tight sanction if it approves the Chinese giant.

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It’s by this US Influence that UK’s prime minister who had voted in Huawei as the best 5G mover is opting for a change with his governing committee, Unlike SouthAfrica that already commended Huawei as the best global 5G trend mover.

According to Donald Trump’s Security advisor John Bolton, British officials are “looking at the Huawei status from square one” as reported by Financial Times. Though Britain is a member of the US Five Eye allies, its favorable stand to Huawei would mean a violation of its relations with the US.

What they said was ‘we would like to review this and be very sure about our decision and we too are concerned about the security of our 5G telecommunications network

John Bolton
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As a fact, it is reported that President Donald Trump went ahead to warn Britain on losing its Five Eye position if it chooses to allow Huawei in the region. With the UK Prime Minister planning to revoke his decision on the Chinese telecoms citing security reasons, major UK telecom companies have already procured Huawei network gear for 5G access in the country.

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