With SafeBoda Credit, you can now buy Airtime

SafeBoda credit is a cashless drive that allows you to pay for trips without worrying about your wallet balance. The service which is as old as the SafeBoda app now has a new feature by its side as teased by the Orange camp off its Social media channels earlier this week.

Given the fact that new SafeBoda credit loading paths were introduced by the orange league side the default Mobile Money reload path. Buying Airtime with cashless credit means you can easily contact your paired driver more easily without waiting for a callback.

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How the New SafeBoda credit for Airtime works

The same way multiple airtime recharge alternatives exist off the official telco mobile money grid. Buying airtime with SafeBoda credit doesn’t require any pro tricks but simply a number to recharge to, but first here are the requirements you’ll need to make a transaction.

  • Updated SafeBoda app
  • Active SafeBoda account
  • Pre-reloaded SafeBoda credit

A New private PIN for payments

Through the new upgrade, SafeBoda has introduced a safety pin for transactions inking another step towards purchases since its only you who can know your private PIN for purchases. As if that’s not enough, the new Airtime via credit feature requires you to set an initial PIN after the upgrade.

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Well, with the credit for airtime feature will work once you tap the upgrade button from your Smartphone store whether on Android or IOS. After Installing the new upgrade, then you can buy Airtime through these steps.

  • Locate the SafeBoda app,
  • Open the app and tap Airtime off the main dashboard adjacent to Order ride
  • Select Buy Airtime
  • Enter your private PIN (If not created, You’ll be prompted to create one)
  • On successful authentication, Enter Phone Number or choose from your favorites
  • Enter Amount and Confirm with your PIN
  • Check your Phone Airtime balance to confirm delivery
  • Enjoy!

With Airtime purchase now available on the SafeBoda app, this means the ride-hailing squeeze teases a much competitive lane to new entrants in the league. For instance, In driver popped into the country with extensively low prices, But the fact that Cashless rides now rock the scene, the taxi-hailing service will have to mix things up for a better finish.

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