Xiaomi’s double fold is so far the cheapest foldable smartphone of 2019

Xiaomi’s double fold smartphone is the latest entrant on the foldable market that already features Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X as the most popular foldable devices of 2019. After the Galaxy fold receiving a hot punch from the Mate X, Xiaomi’s yet to be named double fold smartphone is the cheapest foldable version we’ve seen in 2019.

The Xiaomi double fold is expected to cost $999 (UGX 3,600,000) which is 1/2 cheaper than the fold and thrice cheaper than the Mate X. Xiaomi released a clip of the double fold smartphone on Youtube, but all it glitters is just a redefinition of the foldable smartphones game with focus on the competition.

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Xiaomi’s double fold packs 3 screens folding to the back of each other to form one single phone just like how all foldable smartphones operate. However, the unique bit of things is that it folds twice and not once like the Galaxy fold. When unfolded, it becomes a hefty 7-inch tab with its rare cameras to the back and a front facing camera to the mid-screen as leaked by Xiaomi.

A double fold at a mind-blowing price

Although Samsung’s earlier Youtube teaser didn’t ship all Galaxy fold features that were portrayed in the video. Xiaomi’s 10 seconds mash-up appears to be the real phone in production as we expect it to beat the Samsung and Huawei flagships with a punch to the price tag.

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As a matter of fact, a difference of over $900 makes Xiaomi’s new fold a much brighter touch to quality and affordability phone in a competitive generation. More so, as the rumor drill has it that Xiamoi will be releasing the phone in June this year, It will be a massive foldable phone to reckon with at a much brighter price and sharing a launch quarter with Itel’s P33.

So, If the Galaxy fold $1980 and the Mate X $2600 prices triggered your kidney donation beeps, then Xiaomi’s $999 priced smartphone is here with a 3 screens layout folding into one phone at a much affordable price close to that of the iPhone Xr.

But, since Xiaomi has not released the official specs sheet for this phone, all we expect to see is a successful launch into the foldable journal with a feature-filled yet most affordable version of 2019.

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