SafeBoda, Uber to face serious competition from YellowBird in Kampala

The Boda hailing industry is one of the fast-rising startup breeding grounds in Uganda that was ushered into play by SafeBoda that now shares the juicy grounds with Uber Boda, Bolt and Dial Jack in Uganda. Before fully stretching to Nigeria, SafeBoda now has a serious competitor in the side mirror dubbed as yellowBid that has already rolled out drivers in the city center.

Aside from the Boda hailing league, the taxi-hailing counter has little cab, Uber taxi and Bolt again shaking the league for a tight markup and Yellow Bird again has an entry to this coone. So, this is a ride-hailing firm that seems to have the same spirit Dial Jack founders inked during its cross over to Uganda and a fatal touch to take over as a hailing stressor to the big dogs in the yard.

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Among the catalog of services provided by YellowBid as witnessed on their driver include Boda pickups, Cabs, health services and a connection of quick access to lawyers, designers, and engineers. In simple terms, YellowBird ships a different approach to the hailing industry with a heavy bunch of services to their norm.

Well, we’ve not received any insights and goals from the founders of the hailing startup. But the Company was founded in 2018 and is led by N.Loukenam as per its registry details with its headquarters sighted in Ntinda along Muteesa II road. All in all, No company has ever launched a direct 2 way approach to the ride hailing industry as YellowBird has proved to excel in the league with both a 2Wheel plus 4 Wheel solutions in 1 app.

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By the time Uber cruised to Uganda, it had a single Uber X interface, the same way Bolt followed the trail with a single approach until early 2018 when the two taxi hailing leaders borrowed a lead from the Cashless trips mover SafeBoda to tweak the Boda hailing league. But since YellowBird already has a 2 in 1 approach, it must be that service that will shake things up in the ride-hailing industry except if odds dress it with Kenya’s Mondo Ride waivers.

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