Afya Pap App now allows users to Call or Chat with a doctor for General consultation

MTN Uganda and multinational telemedicine company Baobab Circle have enhanced Afya Pap – a service that allows users to easily access medical information and talk to doctors through the Afya Pap app which now has a new Call a Doc feature.

Developed by Baobab Circle, the Afya Pap app has grown in popularity due to the current COVID19 Pandemic period as a solution that gives customers a comprehensive guide to telemedicine services, and how they can reach out to a doctor without traveling to a health facility.

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Afya Pap as a flagship revolutionary product, patients, and healthcare providers are able to access healthcare solutions by using simple, affordable, and accessible remote monitoring services blended in a comprehensive mobile app. Notably, a Patient can use the Platform to:

  • Call a Doc (live online voice call consultation),
  • Ask a Doc (consultation via chat/text messaging),
  • Take and Track their readings (blood glucose and pressure) with Smart devices.
  • The health care provider can monitor patient progress remotely using the Caregiver module.

So, Afya Pap serves as a seamless ecosystem that provides continuity of healthcare to patients. With over 10,000 registered users in Uganda alone, the App has helped many speak to qualified doctors conveniently from the comfort of their homes by downloading the Afya Pap from the Google Play store.

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As a product powered by MTN Uganda, the telco’s Senior Manager Digital Services Ms. Susan Kayemba notes that customers can download the Afya Pap App and enjoy a 14-day free trial inclusive of free data. During the trial period, customers can speak to a doctor without suffering any charge as part of the telco’s thumbs up to users.

At MTN, we seek to create a bright and bold new digital world for our customers by creating products and services that are relevant to our customers in their daily life. We are excited about the addition of the Call A Doc service to the Afya Pap app and we believe that it is going to serve a lot of customers who need affordable and convenient access doctor consultation services

Said Susan Kayemba, the Senior Manager Digital Services, MTN Uganda.

According to Baobab Circle Doctors, the service serves as a solution to limitations in distance, and unavailability of hospitals in remote areas. So, through the new Chat with a doctor option, patients will be feel closer to the doctors as Baobab’s lead medic notes:

 “The current challenges we see from all parts of the world have taught us that health is our greatest wealth. Over 100,000 Ugandans die from Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) related complications due to lack of proper disease management.

As a company using technology to improve health outcomes, we believe that this grave statistic can be mitigated by supporting patients with a remote monitoring platform and access to a doctor through Afya Pap Call a Doc.

We are privileged to partner with MTN to provide technology-enabled healthcare solutions to Ugandans.” Said Dr. Precious Lunga, Epidemiologist and CEO at Baobab Circle says,

How to get the Afya Pap App

To get started with the Afya Pap App, MTN Uganda gifts first-time users a 14-day free trial to use the App’s features and taste the new Chat with a Doctor option. During the grace period, free data is bundled for easy access within the App, and here is how you can get the App on your Smartphone.

  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Search for Afya Pap
  • Download and install the app
  • Sign up with your MTN number
  • Get a 14-day FREE trial to call or chat with a doctor and so much more

Upon expiry of the FREE 14-day trial, you can purchase a subscription package through MTN Mobile Money for as low as UGX 4,000 for a 30-day plan which includes free MTN Data to access the service.

For now, telemedicine solutions are on the rise and the new Afya Pap option that allows users to chat with a Doctor is one that will make e-access to medical services easier than ever before.

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