SafeBoda, UberBoda, Bolt, Yellowbird get Police support on road safety

The Boda hailing industry is the most promising Fintech affiliated square that is shaping up the digital revolution in Uganda for a gradual takeover. With SafeBoda leading the pike followed by UberBoda and the recently rebranded Bolt Boda service paving way for new startups like YellowBird and Pikime. The hailing wing now has Police support on improving road safety.

During the 2nd National road safety summit held at Kampala Sheraton hotel yesterday, the traffic Police chief, Steven Kasiima inked a move to regulate the 2 wheels sector by forcing non-digital drivers to either join UberBoda, SafeBoda, Bolt or any other hailing wing.

We dont know how many Boda Bodas are in Kampala, but if we force each and every driver to join atleast one of these hailing companies, we shall be able to regulate and easily improve road safety in Uganda

Steven Kasiima – Uganda Police (Traffic Division head)
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In a time when SafeBoda is shifting its app from simply a Boda hailing companion to a must have all in one services drother with Airtime purchases currently available on the app in exchange with cashless credit. UberBoda is also stretching its wings and periodically redefining its services to cope with the competition standards inking a better trend for the Boda hailing industry.

So, the support by Traffic police to these Boda hailing firms confirms new standards where all 2 wheel bike drivers will now be under hailing firm umbrellas. Much more like a fact, road safety has never been a challenge to any of these wings making them the best paths to maneuver traffic during peak hours anywhere around Kampala.

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