How to send Whatsapp messages to unsaved phone numbers

    Whatapp messenger which is so far the most popular IM ( Instant messaging ) platform has several changes to its main app. WHile you can now make group audio calls on the app's IOS version. The click to chat new whatsapp feature allows you to chat with anyone whose number you have not saved in your contacts list.

    Full list of all useful Airtel Uganda shortcodes you need to know

    Telecommunication companies all have network shortcodes. With shortcodes getting many services in a single pop up check in on a silver plate. So, we list for you the full list of Airtel Uganda shortcodes you may need to remember. Or else use them each time you feel like you should.

    Amazon Vs Ali Express Vs Ebay which is the cheapest online shopping website?

    Amazon is the largest online shopping website worldwide. eBay is a counterpart that majorly focuses on those customer to customer connection, the same way OLX operates. Ali express sounds more like an Alibaba counterpart though Alibaba focuses on wholesale services. All these services are good but which is better than the other that's the main focus to date.

    Inside Jumia mobile week’s smartphone discounts, Win big with the daily treasure hunts

    Buying a smartphone at the best price can be tricky but we now unveil to you a few offers that can work for you. Adding to the already known major smartphone prices, there are many tricks you may not know of that can really pay off.

    How to download, use and explore features of the MY MTN App

    My MTN app is a cross-country MTN services customized app. Back then everyone was used to dialing the long USSD codes in order to subscribe to a service, But with the newly updated My MTN app, subscribers can enjoy the best subscriptions than ever before.

    What are CryptoCurrencies & Bitcoins, can they work for you?

    Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has grown popular with its ever-rising rates. Currently going for $10,000, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is worth a purchase for all digital miners. However is bitcoin right for you, or even What is it all about?

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