Download the latest TMWhatsApp version 2023 v8.45

You can download the latest TMWhatsApp version without the need for random searches in the Google Playstore. This is due to the fact that you will not find the Application on Google Play because modified or reverse engineered applications are not allowed to be hosted on the platform.

TMWhatsApp stands for Titus Mukisa modded WhatsApp that picks its branding from the mod developer. Just like GBWhatsApp, the latest TMWhatsApp version features developments improved from the latest original WhatsApp update, each time Meta updates the original, newer features are upgraded to TMWhatsApp to catch up with the user needs.

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To download the latest TMWhatsApp version, please click the direct download button below:

  • File Size: 50MB
  • Version: v8.45
  • Updated: Feb 2023

Install the Latest TMWhatsApp on your phone

After downloading the latest TMWhatsApp apk file to your phone from the link above, please follow the steps below to install the application if you don’t have it installed on your phone already.

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  1. Find the TMWhatsApp apk on your phone or browser downloads.
  2. Tap to Open the TMWhatsApp apk file.
  3. Tap Install to begin the Installation process. You may be prompted to allow the installation, tap Allow Installation to accept the app installation.
  4. Make sure the TMWhatsApp installation finishes without errors, once complete, tap Done to finish.
  5. Open your Apps list or menu, find and open TMWhatsApp.
  6. Agree to the WhatsApp terms, and enter your phone number to receive a one-time code.
  7. DONE: Start using TMWhatsApp and enjoy the wide range of features it offers.

Safely Upgrade to the latest TMWhatsApp version

If you already have TMWhatsApp installed on your phone and you need to safely upgrae to the latest version. You need to download the latest apk version from the link above, then, install TMWhatsApp as illustrated in the above steps.

Please note that you don’t need to delete your TMWhatsApp before upgrading, when you install the latest TMWhatsApp apk, the old application is replaced with your newest upgrade. To keep on a safe side, its safe to make WhatsApp backups inorder to recover your data incase it gets lost, or you get banned in the process.


Should I uninstall the old TMWhatsapp before updating the latest version?

Never uninstall your old TMWhatsApp when updating to the latest TMWhatsApp version. Instead, keep ahead by always making a backup of your data. Go to TM Mods, and select Backup and Restore to keep a copy of your data just incase your upgrade crashes.

I can’t find my TMWhatsApp media or backup files in my phone

If you can’t find your media or backup files on your phone’s file manager. Open the File Manager application, go to INTERNAL STORAGE, find the ANDROID folder, go to MEDIA, then COM.TMWHATSAPP, and open TMWHATSAPP.

I have Message delays when sending and receiving on my TMWhatsApp

If your TMWhatsApp is delaying to send or receive messages, please reset your privacy settings by going to TM Mods >> Privacy Settings >> Reset Privacy. After reset, you should receive and send your messages on TMWhatsApp well.

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