With Quiet Mode, Facebook allows you to limit your time on the platform

Facebook has started rolling out quiet mode to help users control app notifications and the time they spend on the platform. Quiet mode allows you to limit the amount of time you spend on Facebook and when you want to see notifications

Quiet mode lets you mute push notifications and limit notification dots for the Facebook App. This helps your Smartphone applications without getting Facebook notifications to improve the regulate your time on the platform.

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However, the best quite mode functionality is the ability to block you out from using Facebook. On a high, the feature will allow you to temporarily block it for a maximum of 15 minutes before locking you out, in simple terms, allow you to sneak for updates.

Once you set a time limit you in-which you wish to use Facebook, notifications will be blocked, but if you try to access the Facebook app, a countdown timer will popup with an option to either end Quiet mode or temporarily disable it for 15minutes

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How to enable Facebook Quite Mode

  • Open the Facebook App
  • Go to Settings(top right corner menu listing)
  • Locate the “ Your Time on Facebook” option
  • Enable it, and customize it to your liking
  • Done

The feature was first introduced in 2018 to help users manage the time they spend scrolling through the news feed. At the moment, the extended quite mode feature is in its early roll-out stages and will soon be available for Beta testers.

In May the feature will click the public testing phase on Android and IOS. Later in June, the feature will be fully rolled out to all users as Facebook revealed on its Coronavirus update blog.

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