Do this if you’re Temporarily Banned on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently introduced a feature where it bans users who violate its Terms of Use. Apparently, the Facebook owned application mainly targeted users who rely on its Modified version for access. Among these, GB WhatsApp tops the pike as major releases like YoWhatsApp, TMWhatsApp (Ugandan based) also follow the path.

Infact, all WhatsApp mods are 100% better than the original app itself, this is due to the broad features sheet like the Hide online status, Hide View status and the ability to force 1 tick on your messages.

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As a reply, WhatsApp’s Temporarily blocked feature is the most nagging pop-up you’ll ever see if you’re using the original WhatsApp app and a Mod on the same Smartphone. Luckily, we have a healing herb to your temporary ban and here is a tale of tricks you can use.

What to do once you are Temporarily Banned On WhatsApp

Method 1:

  • Wait for the Ban to get end (If 5 or more hours, Relax and wait till its over)
  • Then make a back up of your chats and messages Via Settings>Backup
  • After saving your backup, Uninstall your WhatsApp application, If you have 2 WhatsApp’s in the phone, Uninstall both of them (original and the mod “GB WhatsApp”)
  • After Uninstalling both WhatsApp Apps, re-install the mod (GB) first before Installing the original version
  • Proceed to Enter your WhatsApp number after clicking (Agree to continue)
  • GbWhatsApp or your WhatsApp mod will automatically detect a backup
  • Click Restore to get all your messages back
  • Enter your WhatsApp Name and DP
  • Enjoy your new Anti-Ban WhatsApp version (difficult to be banned again)

Method 2

If you have tried Method 1 and failed, then Method 2 is your best solution. In most cases when you re-install a WhatsApp mod before the original version, the app doesn’t detect its modification thus skipping the risks of falling in the temporary banned ditch.

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However, Incase you tried method 1 ad things failed out or you simply want a more direct method, then here is a sip of method 2 you can use to fix the WhatsApp ban.

  • Wait for your temporarily banned time to finish and take a backup of your WhatsApp chats/messages
  • Uninstall the Banned WhatsApp mod or Application
  • or simply Unistall the original WhatsApp app from your phone
  • After Uninstalling, re-install your desired application and make sure it runs as a sole version on your Smartphone
  • By using one WhatsApp account on one Smartphone, it means the two apps cant conflict and provoke the temporarily banned error
  • If you wish to multi-task with two WhatsApp applications on one Smartphone, then download a multi-account application to clone your existing WhatsApp version.
  • Enjoy your WhatsApp account without the Temporarily banned error popping up ever again.

Way Forward If you’re banned for Using GbWhatsApp or another mod

WhatsApp can’t do away with mods, its the same way that UCC admitted the fact that it can’t fully stop VPNs in Uganda. This is due to the fact that Android is an open-source system and apps run on it can be twisted in any way.

So, the WhatsApp temporarily banned feature has multiple solutions to fix it__as we shall share in updates to this article__, but its main cause lies in the conflict of apps on a Smartphone’s filesystem and database.

So, If you’re to use 1 app on your phone whether its the Mod (GBWHatsapp, TMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp) or the original version, then you can never cross sides with a ban.

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