GbWhatsApp features you need to know and how you can update your App

GB WhatsApp is the most downloaded and widely used WhatsApp mod of all time, GB uses the original WhatsApp application files to re-beautify the app and add better features than the original app itself. With Version 7.9 out now, GbWhatsApp has shipped new features to its design and functionality available after an upgrade.

Though installing the app is as easy as trecking the web or following trusted download sources, getting an upgrade of the app is as easy as re-downloading and Installing the app itself.

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The new GB Whatsapp hidden features

Each time WhatsApp rolls out a new build, GBWhatsApp follows the path with a better modification. As the original Facebook owned service rolled out Status shares, WhatsApp Gb shipped a modification that allows you to hide your status view status and share much longer videos.

But from the time WhatsApp rolled out a suspension feature for all mod users, GBWhatsApp got major spikes forcing the mod developers to redefine the app and pack new features to it. Through the new version 7.9, GBWhatsApp has a new series of features and here are those you should expect after upgrading.

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  • New Anti-ban (Can’t be suspended by WhatsApp)
  • New Contacts privacy (You can twist privacy for each and every contact)
  • Improved hidden messages lock (You can now unlock with a PIN, Pattern, Fingerprint)
  • You can control notifications for Hidden contacts
  • You can Set a custom notification tone for both hidden and visible contacts
  • BlueTicks on reading Messages (Only show blue ticks when you read the message)
  • Ability to remove the forwarded tag on your messages (No one will notice when you forward messages since they willn’t have the forwarded caption on top)
  • New Status download button (You can download WhatsApp status by tapping the download button)
  • New Logo (Pale Blue__customisable to any color and style you want)
  • Ability to Freeze your last Seen
  • New Hide View Status button (Located Under Gb Settings to not be listed when you view a status)
  • Anti- Delete status (deleted statuses/stories will not be deleted for you)
  • Ability to download new WhatsApp themes/skins
  • Ability to style your conversation/chat screen
  • Change name from WhatsApp to a custom one you want
  • Change floating button settings
  • Ability to download the WhatsApp change log for all your contacts
  • Hide Chats divider

Group Settings

  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide typing……. status
  • Hide recording………status


  • Hide blue ticks
  • Hide Second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide typing…..
  • Hide recording…..


  • Hide blue ticks
  • Hide Second tick
  • Hide blue microphone

WhatsApp statuses

  • Ability to extend uploaded status videos to 7 minutes
  • Hide View status (view statuses without being noticed)
  • Anti Delete (A status won’t disappear until it expires even if its deleted by the person who posted it)
  • Instantly Download WhatsApp status by tapping the Download button

Image/Video/Audio mods

  • Send Images in Full resolution (18MB maximum size per image)
  • Disable Image share limit (Ability to send over 10 images at once)
  • Video size limit (Increase maximum video upload size to 700MBs, ability to send a full movie)
  • Enable proximity sensor (block audio recording if you wish to)
  • Disable output switching (prevents the speaker from stopping any playing content when recording/playing a WhatsApp audio)


  • Set a recovery question for unlocking WhatsApp usage
  • Lock your GbWhatsApp (Lock illegal access to your WhatsApp account by setting a different pin/pattern from your phone’s)
  • Make pattern visible
  • Disable patter vibration
  • Enable a custom lock screen wallpaper

These and many more features are what you will taste when you upgrade your GbWhatsApp application. Luckily, the app keeps getting better and shipping new features in each and every upgrade, but first, here is how you can update your GbWhatsApp account.

Updating Gb WhatsApp

  • Go to GB Settings (accessible from the right corner with 3vertical dots)
  • Click Web Download to access the latest GBWhatsApp version page
  • Hit Download to get the APK
  • Install the new GBWhatsApp upgrade by following the Android instructions
  • Enjoy your new GbWhatsApp update

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