This is the full list of affordable smartphones available at the MTN Expo

The MTN Expo is the new home to a whole new range of affordable smartphone. Without believing the hype from Kampala retailers. This is the best place you can get brand new smartphones at mind-blowing rates to a point that we are also geared up for the event. However much, black Friday is just around the corner, consider this an October 3 Black days with smartphones at the best prices ever.

List of all MTN Expo discounted smartphones

2018 mtn expo

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Imagine buying a brand new Galaxy S7 at only 1,000,000 UGshs, or even a Mi-Fi router at only 50,000 Ugshs. Well, we are speechless about these rates and all we recommend is you to pull off an MTN Bosco drift with MomoPay in gear for tomorrow’s event (Friday 19th 2018). In addition to brand new smartphones discounted for affordability, self-driving cars and smart cows will also dominate a wider portion of the Expo showdown. Nonetheless, here is a list of all discounted smartphones at the 2018 MTN expo in Uganda.

MakeModelPrice (UGX)
Idol Alpha 6032X129000
ALCATELIdol mini OT6012D129000
9005X entry tablet PixiB129000
One touch 4013D50000
FEROA4001 Plus99000
HUAWEILTE 10 user router (Huawei E5573)50000
LTE 32 User (Huawei B2201H-201) +USIM129000
Ascend Y360129000
Ascend Y330129000
Mate 8800000
Ascend Y211129000
LTE E5375 Wi-Fi router + LTE50000
Media Pad T1 10.0500000
GSM F362 Cordless phones20000
MediaPad 10 Link500000
ISURF10 Windows Tab (With Dock)129000
MTNSmart Mega (S720i Dual Sim)20000
Smart Buzz C390 (Sim card)20000
SAMSUNGNote 5 32GB Single sim1000000
J7 Duo500000
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus LTE+1000000
Galaxy S71000000
TECNODual N5 + LTEUSIM129000
Blade L5 smartphone129000
Blade L3129000

Best way to enjoy the 2018 MTN expo discounts

While the MTN expo will have lots of showcased items like the discounted smartphones and 5G internet access. The self driving car is one of those key things we can’t dare miss on this 3 day expo. In addition, the best way you can enjoy the 3day MTN expo is by getting your money ready to buy some of the best gadgets like the Galaxy S6 edge at only 1,000,000/=.

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Just like the Galaxy note 5 retailing at only UG1,000,000. The MTN Fero phone and Alcatel’s Idol series are some of those below 150,000/=. Therefore, Its about that great time of the year to enjoy great discounts with the MTN expo long before Black Friday. Nonetheless, what do you think about MTN’s smartphone discounts, Share with us using the comment section below.

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