Full list of all useful Airtel Uganda shortcodes you need to know

Airtel Uganda is a popular mobile service provider in Uganda leaping the first podium position to MTN Uganda. With the rise in its data and voice bundle offers trimmed for customers, It’s the more these services need shortcodes to activate.

Among the most popular shortcodes used to activate services and buy current offers include the *149# shortcode for Voice Bundles housing MyPakalast, Kawa, Pakalast, Kyabise, Zaweze offers, among others.

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However, the Airtel Money shortcake of *185# is the most useful for sending money and making payments with the telco’s free to use Airtel Money pay service. Nonetheless, here is a full list of shortcodes you may need to remember.

List of Airtel Uganda shortcodes

*185#Airtel Money Services
*185*5#Borrow Money with Airtel Wewoole
*185*9#Pay for Goods with Airtel Money Pay
*149#Buy Voice Bundles (Pakalast, Kyabise, Kawa, etc)
*149*10#Airtel Freaky Friday
*149*1#Access My Pakalast Voice Bundles
*175#Access Airtel Data Bundles
*175*5#Share data with Airtel Tugabane
*180#Airtel SMS Bundles
*100#Access Airtel services and Manage your Account
*100*11*7#Activate Missed Call alerts (WHO Called)
*100*11*2#Airtel One and only
*100*11*3*2#Send an Airtel Call me back
*166*amount*receiver’s number #Share your Airtel Airtime (Me2U)
*131#Check Your Account Balance
*155#Borrow Airtime with Beerako
*143#Borrow Data and Voice Minutes
*170#Check Your Minutes, SMS, and Beerako balance
*120#Know Your Airtel Number
*146#Buy International call bundles
*121#Turn-on Voice mail
*197#Check your SIMcard registration status
*157#Access Airtel Caller Tunes (Hello tunes)
*135#Activate Airtel Zone
*188#Corporate Mega Bonus
*141#Check Airtel 1-4-1 Points (Loyalty program)
*154#Subscribe to Airtel Football
*172#Join the Airtel Games club
*145#Access Blackberry services
*196#Stop Unwanted Notifications and Messages (DND)
*144#To use Postpaid services
*130*Voucher number#Load Airtime with a Scratch Card Voucher
*138*Airtime pinOne network airtime loading
Airtel Uganda Shortcodes

With Airtel Uganda rocking its offers place with new voice and data bundles to suit its subscriber base, You need Shortcodes to crouch on each and every amazing offer, the same way you can on MTN or Africell Uganda.

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Hence, with the right shortcodes in your right palm, you can execute tasks ranging from sending money to borrowing airtime, and even grabbing an Airtel loan to payback later.

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