How hackers accessed the MTN Uganda & Rwanda DFF Twitter accounts

MTN Uganda is the biggest telecommunications company rocking the pearl of Africa heights. On Wednesday 29th May, unknown users hacked the telco’s Twitter account and the results from the uncalled hack turned out to be worse than robbing the Verified Account. The Hackers went ahead and published pornographic content line per line with leading hashtags tagged in each and every tweet. But then, how this happened or what might have gone wrong is a sower frame that embeds huge cybersecurity lessons to learn.

However, MTN Uganda wasn’t the only Twitter account hacked on that day, the Rwanda Defence Forces Twitter account (RwandaDFOC) also had the same content trailing on the same hashtags. This means, whoever attacked the Yello camp is the same creator of the deadly gov’t page takeover with no traces of whether it was an app or just a service using bots to promote its content with only these 2 multinational pages having traces of the incident.

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What might have caused the attacks

According to Cybersecurity experts, such attacks only happen when the administrators are either green of advanced security measures or when a former member of the camp trails his past workplace. Either way, access t an administrator’s phone could also have triggered such takeovers resulting in-to the rampant spread of the unsuitable content. Hence, the attack might have happened due to the following incidences that expose such manageable pages to 5star risks.

  • Usage of Automation Bots
  • Accidental Sign-in to a bot or auto liker
  • Cracked Password due to weak online security
  • Stolen Phone or leaked admin credentials

All in all, what happened to the MTN Twitter account could happen to your personal or brand profile as well if you don’t keep your security levels in the correct loop. Given the fact that becoming an Influencer is something that requires you to be online 24/7, then knowing your password security and how long a hacker can take to crack becomes your gateway to avoiding such pornographic incidences from ever visiting any of your social media accounts.

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