Huawei Mobile plans to Install Harmony OS on 200 million devices by 2021

Huawei plans to install its custom Hongmeng/Harmony operating system on over 200 million devices by 2021. With Huawei Smartphones expected to equip Harmony OS sooner than 2021 due to the current US ban, Huawei’s custom OS will feature several App lineups and support smart devices.

According to the Huawei consumer business group vice president Mr. Yang Haison, the IT giant plans to produce over 100 million units of its own Smartphones and devices once 2021 shines.

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With 100 million units left to fill the 200 million devices target by 2021. Huawei expects the next bunch of devices to come from 3rd party manufacturers embedding the Operating system in Hi-tech products like Smart TVs, wearables, and cars.

However, Huawei has not confirmed which percentage of its 200 million target will be covered by Smartphones inking several supported devices. To support its mark, the company has partnered with several 3rd party companies to increase Harmony OS usability.

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Several Chinese home appliances like Midea Group, Robam appliances, and Joyoung are some of the company’s top partners. These deal in IoT products such as: Smart ovens, Smart TVs, Smart Lights, and smoke exhaust ventilators.

Hence, once integrated to the companies’ IOT systems, users will be able to use Harmony OS powered Smartphones to swiftly control all supported IOT systems.

At the moment, Harmony OS Beta SDK (system development Kit) is available to developers with target devices with atleast 128KB – 128MB RAM. So, several wearables, Smart TVs, cars, and Smartphones will equip Harmony OS by the time 2020 comes to a close paving a way to success for Huawei’s Plan B.

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