How to easily buy Playstation Games Online in Africa

In Africa, you can either buy PlayStation games online or offline depending on your country of residence. If purchased offline, you will have to battle with high prices that don’t relate to the actual Playstation store discounts that often come up. But if purchased online, you can get amazing discounts on almost every game title depending on the season.

More so, chipped Playstation consoles rank as the most popular in several African countries, but no brand-new consoles come with their original firmware making it difficult to jailbreak, and instead choose to buy PlayStation games online and not offline through local dealers.

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Among the key advantages of choosing to buy PlayStation games in Africa is the fact that you’ll have full ownership of all titles installed on your console. Additionally, you will be able to share games with up to 3 different consoles which can be sequenced in a parent-child fashion.

However, accessing the Playstation store in Africa is a tough task that you must know how to maneuver in order to get started with downloading your favourite Playstation games online. First, you must signup for a Playstation account, Secondly, you must set your account country to South Africa as a must in order to gain instant access to your new dashboard.

How you buy Playstation Games Online in Africa

  • Create a free Playstation store account by visiting on your PC or console
  • Now, on the country/Region option, choose South Africa (No other African country is listed on the list)
  • Complete your account creation process, and you will be presented a PlayStation store dashboard
  • If you have a debit card (VISA or Mastercard), click your new account profile and add it as a payment method
  • Once added, choose any game you wish to buy (price will be displayed in Rands) and add it to your cart
  • Visit a Currency converter and convert Rands to your local currency to know how much you’ll pay for the game
  • Click Pay in your cart to buy the game, and once paid, you will be able to download it on your PlayStation console.
  • DONE: Enjoy playing games online and offline with your Playstation console.
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