How to convert or reverse MTN Airtime to Mobile Money in Uganda

Converting airtime to mobile money has always been a hefty task to accomplish with Uganda’s top telcos like MTN, Airtel, and Africell. Given the fact that to Human is error, you can mistakenly buy airtime on mobile money of a higher value than your anticipated figure.

In most cases, you may mistake your Pin for the airtime amount when using MTN Uganda shortcodes as a combo. For instance, *165*2*1*1*50000*50000# would top up airtime worth UGX 50,000 on your number if the code 50,000 is your Mobile money PIN.

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Surprisingly, your intended top-up amount may have been UGX 5000, but missed out with an extra Zero, so your account gets topped up with airtime worth UGX 50,000. That nags!

Luckily, if you purchase airtime in this manner, it can be reversed if noticed early enough. To convert the airtime back to Mobile money, the telco’s Customer team can offer a reversal at UGX 5,000 as the base charge.

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Converting Your Airtime to Mobile Money in Uganda

  • Call the MTN Customer care line on 100
  • or tag @mtnug in our Tweet for a DM
  • If not, Facebook and WhatsApp (+256772123100) also guarantee instant support

A fee of UGX 5,000 is charged on each reversal you choose to make back to Mobile Money. So, just like that, the telco’s customer care support team (if contacted) will convert your airtime back to mobile money in less than 24hours.

However, you can only convert or reverse airtime back to Mobile Money if you mistakenly loaded the airtime using your personal Mobile Money account or a friend’s. Hence, you can’t convert existing airtime to mobile money (at the moment), and the airtime reversal can only be made to the sending Mobile Money account.

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