How to receive Money using MoneyGram on your Airtel Money Account

You can now receive on Moneygram using your Airtel Money account, and once authenticated, the received money is deposited on your account. This is after MoneyGram sealed a partnership with Airtel Africa to allow customers receive money sent from anywhere around the World.

Through the partnership, over 19million Airtel Customers will be able to swiftly and conveniently receive MoneyGram transfers directly to their accounts.

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Given the fact that MoneyGram is a leading remittance provider in Africa leaping in the same competition lane with Western Union, and World Remit, the new partnership with Airtel will shorten the time money sent via MoneyGram is received by the recipient.

MoneyGram International, a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, recently announced a new partnership with Airtel Africa PLC, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services with a presence in 14 countries across Africa.

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The partnership enables Airtel Money’s 19 million customers to quickly and conveniently receive MoneyGram transfers directly into their mobile wallets from family and friends around the world.

Once Airtel Money customers receive the funds, they can be accessed immediately and used to pay utility bills, goods and services, transferred to other individuals, or converted to cash at any of Airtel Africa’s exclusive branches, kiosks, and agents. The services will be enabled this year subject to local regulatory approvals.

This partnership with Airtel will enable millions of consumers instant access to our global platform to receive money from over 200 countries & territories without having to even step outside,” said John Gely, Head of MoneyGram Africa.

How to receive MoneyGram on Airtel Money

At the moment, Airtel has not confirmed how MoneyGram will be linked to Airtel Money. But by the look of things, the service will borrow a Banks withdraw option which allows customers to directly receive money from a Bank account linked to the specific Airtel number.

Additionally, the Financial Services option (option 7 on the Airtel Money menu) holds the telco’s supported services which included MoneyGram as the newest option. Once selected on the list, we expect options to include a valid name, Government ID card, and private transaction ID for a successful MoneyGram transaction.

To Receive Moneygram on Your Airtel Money Account

  • Access the Airtel Money Menu via Shortcode (*185#) or through the Airtel App
  • Locate the Financial Services option (Option 7)
  • From the List select MoneyGram
  • Enter your unique MoneyGram ID provided by the sender
  • Enter your Name (Receiving Name)
  • Then Enter the Sender’s name
  • Finally, Enter your Valid ID number (Government-issued ID)
  • If the provided Information matches with the MoneyGram transaction, your money will be deposited to your Airtel Money Account

For now, the Integration of Moneygram to Airtel Money has not been deployed in several countries. But once enabled, you will be able to receive MoneyGram on your Airtel Money Account without lining-up in a Bank.

In summary, COVID19 has forced several in-bank services to go mobile and MoneyGram is one of those great options that have delayed to lash out to the power of Mobile devices. Similarly, Western Union will soon be available for MTN Customers once the group makes their partnership with the Yello service official.

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