How to use, deposit and Withdraw Money on Paypal in Uganda

PayPal in Uganda is a service that has not garnered a bullish popularity streak with digital payment channels packing a position that would have belonged to it. But even with no wide popularity, you can use Paypal in Uganda and transact with its merchant network.

In fact, Paypal is best known for its blink of an eye and secure transfers where a user can send money from one Paypal account to another without any 3rd party currency brokers or institutions involved .

Well, to use Paypal in Uganda without any bypasses, you get sending and payment rights, but with no Withdraw access, since Paypal Wallet is not supported in Uganda,

But if you signup for a non-UG account, You’ll get access to Paypal wallet and have wide access to all features. The best path to regsiter a non-Ugandan account, staging a VPN becomes your best choice.

On the list of Paypal supported countries Kenya has a slot, So you can simply shift your VPN to read Kenya or any other country of your choice where you choose to signup.

Once registered you can turn off your VPN and use it with your normal Internet conenction ssince the account would have been registered from your preferred country. You will then have access to a wallet dashboard and be able to receive payments.

Paypal user dashboard
The Paypal user Dashboard

To Withdraw from your Paypal account to your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money account in Uganda, you need to go through 3rd party providers, these pass a small charge on every transaction handled to your account.

The best 3rd Party providers in Uganda include PayzUG, ePay Swift, Gateway technologies, among others.

How you Withdraw from Paypal in Uganda

  • Choose a 3rd Party Provider like PayzUG or ePaySwift
  • Sign up for an Instant Account
  • Register your Mobile Money number or Account number
  • Process Transactions by Linking your Paypal to your 3rd party account
  • Receive your Money through your preferred Mobile money number
  • Done.

ePay Swift Uganda

epay swift platform to withdraw paypal in uganda

ePay swift is one of the most trusted portals for withdrawing money from Paypal direct to your mobile money wallet. To link your Paypal account with your Mobile money number, you simply register for an account on the ePayswift website and upload your KYC documents (ID) for approval.

Once registered and verified as a real user, you can then link your Paypal account to your new ePay swift account and start making transactions. However, the service only accepts MTN and Airtel Mobile Money numbers in order to receive your money from Paypal.


Just like ePayswift, PayzUG is another Paypal withdraw platform you can use to link your account to your mobile money number or bank. Once you signup for an account off their website, you then link it with your Paypal account to receive your money in just seconds.

payz PayPal withdraw in uganda

Infact, PayZUG is the best platform among those we’ve tried before. The platform allows you to receive your Money from Paypal directly to your account in a record time of just minutes from the time of initiation.

However, the minimum amount you can withdraw from Paypal to your Mobile Money or Bank account with PayzUg is $30, and a maximum of $600.

Things you can do with Paypal

With Paypal, you can easily receive or send money to any Paypal user around the world in realtime. However, the upper arm of using Paypal is the ability to shop on the World’s top websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, among others.

Security-wise, Paypal helps you hide your Bank card from merchants improving the safety of your transactions. Furthermore, You can easily keep track of your purchases through the Paypal dashboard thus getting crisp accountability for your account balance.

To send money to International banks, Paypal has an International service dubbed Xoom which functions on a similar model similar, but only allows you send money to any Banks with or without SWIFT codes.

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June 17, 2021 00:06

Dear thanks for the information it’s so helpful but me I just want to receive and withdrawal money on my mobile money but when I try to test and see payzug as it Link to Paypal it as me for the Visa card or debit card yet I want to use my mobile money number what should I do?

June 17, 2021 11:55

But what your saying to use VPN its not working because after all they ask for your number and the number you enter it’s Uganda there for this is not working at all

Staff Editor
Reply to  Anahporah
June 18, 2021 14:19

Hello Anah

When you use a VPN and connect to a Kenyan proxy, you’ll be able to have a Paypal account with Paypal Cash features unlike in Uganda. You will also be able to send money directly to Mpesa.

For starters, we recommend you use Holla VPN (Free) its available on the Google Playstore and on Google Chrome as an extension. Incase of any difficulties, the Tech Point Magazine team is here to help on getting you better solutions.

wandera emmanuel
wandera emmanuel
July 23, 2021 22:53

Thanks the techpoint team,im just new and had opened up a PayPal Uganda until I learnt that I can’t access my money. Now should I close the account and open up using a VPN and a Kenyan address because it was the my Gmail that I used. Will they allow me to do so or they will block me for life or I should use another gmail.thanks alot

Staff Editor
Reply to  wandera emmanuel
July 23, 2021 23:59

Use a different Email address to open up the Paypal Kenya account, We recommend using Hola VPN, it will do the trick quite well, it lets you choose Kenya as your VPN location.

Segawa Cedrick
Segawa Cedrick
July 27, 2021 23:57

I just saw this idea but I already have google account in Uganda, should I create another one from the Kenya proxy or I just skip to PayPal and I sign in with the Kenya proxy

Segawa Cedrick
Segawa Cedrick
July 28, 2021 00:02

I have a google account in uganda should I create another google account using the Kenya proxy or I just skip to PayPal and I sign in using the Kenya proxy

Staff Editor
Reply to  Segawa Cedrick
July 28, 2021 17:12

Create a New account using the Kenya Proxy.

Staff Editor
Reply to  Segawa Cedrick
July 28, 2021 17:12

Use the Kenya Proxy.

Reply to  Staff Editor
May 25, 2022 12:53

Does it have to be a Kenya proxy or any other proxy with access to send ,receive and withdrawal