Rain, Huawei, Wits University launch Africa’s first 5G Innovation lab

Africa’s first 5G Innovation Lab is set to bridge the networks gap in elearning across the continent. In partnership with Huawei and Rain, Wits University SouthAfrica has launched the continent’s first 5G innovation lab to enable new generation implementation and learning opportunities.

The 5G Innovation lab is situated in the Tshimologong digital Innovation precinct located in the Johannesburg inner city of Braamfontein as a Wits University incubation center for startups and digital entrepreneurs.

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Under the 5G Innovation Lab, Huawei provides end to end 5G connectivity alongside Rain’s 5G network available in SouthAfrica. And through the connectivity integration, the partnership is a signal for long-term joint innovation programs for business at Tshumologong and Wits University as an academic institution.

According to the Huawei Southern Africa Vice president, Yang Chen, the 5G innovation lab project aims at providing students with access to a live 5G environment to experiment, build their knowledge, and interact with 5G level applications.

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Additionally, the lab will enable virtual reality (VR) remote learning opportunities for students and lecturers across the university. With stable links, the lab will also relay feeds for cross-campus safety and security camera networks.

So, students will be able to access 5G connectivity within the campus premises as techprenuers, and innovators will also get a taste of the latest network band through the off-campus technology hub.

Depending on the project’s success rate, Huawei is expected to deploy the same lab standards in various African countries in which it operates including Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, among others.

For now, 5G is a step away from being fully available in Africa. First, South Africa deployed its first network with Rain, before Nigeria and Uganda borrowed a leaf to test wavelength. Henceforth, with deployed 5G Labs, Africa will soon bid farewell to 4G LTE which is currently the best available network band.

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