Huawei Smartphones to use TomTom Maps instead of Google Maps

Future Huawei Smartphones running either Android or Harmony OS will start using TomTom maps and services instead of Google Maps. This is due to the 2019 US sanctions on Huawei that has stopped major US companies from dealing with the Chinese wing.

Now, Going forward Google Maps won’t be a location and Maps provider on future Huawei releases the same way the Mate 30 pro featured no single Google Mobile services app, with only the ability to custom install them.

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Inspite of the no Google relations policy, Huawei has now closed a deal with a Dutch-based location technology and consumer electronics brand Tom Tom to be the official Maps and location provider for future Huawei releases

However, Huawei didn’t reveal any future models that will feature TomTom maps. But, releases mainly those running Harmony will use TomTom source data for location and navigation services.

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Since Huawei has also opened its Mobile services (HMS) portal with Core 4.0 libraries available for developers. Then, Harmony OS could be the next version of Android that might even be adopted by major Chinese manufacturers like TECNO Mobile, Xiaomi among others since its open source.

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