Infinix Note 6 unboxing, First Impressions, and price in Uganda

Infinix Mobility has this year unveiled 2 smartphones to the sphere including a selfie-centric 32MP variant branded as the Infinix S4 and a Note series successor branded in the same loop. With the latter having a mocha brown showdown off our review desk, here is a tale of our unboxing spree and what you should expect of the latest Infinix Smartphone before you add it to your budget list.

To the price lane, a brand new Infinix Note 6 is priced at UGX 734,00 in Uganda, a tag that fits in the extreme mid-range coupe ranges and borrows an affordability streak slightly above the $100 average. As the price promises a perfect package, here is a sip of our Infinix Note 6 Unboxing shakedown.

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Infinix Note 6 Box Contents

  • 1 Infinix Note 6 unit with an XPEN
  • Charging brick (wall/power mount)
  • USB Cable
  • Headsets
  • Rubber device cover
  • SIMCard Injector pin
  • User Manuals
note 6 unboxing
Straight out of the box, a brand new Infinix Note 6, charging brick, headsets, USB cable, and rubber device cover

The Infinix Note 6 comes in a pale blue well-sealed box accompanied by genuine Infinix mobility accessories as listed above. However, the Xpen which is the most ideal piece of this device comes bundled with the Note 6 in its bottom slot location. So, don’t expect the Xpen as a separate accessory, but rather an attached component.

Further, Inside the box, the single Infinix Note 6 Smartphone sits on top of a black plastic plate housing the USB cable, headsets, and all accessories underneath it. Amazingly, the device box is minimal without any redundant spaces making it a fully intact elegant packaging for the Smartphone.

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The Infinix Note 6 straight out of the box Impressions

With a tale of performance teased to the overall device design, the Note 6 carries an XPEN as the most standout feature pleading for a good ask price. This is due to the fact that the Note 6 predecessor(Note5) had a much appealing touch to design(reflective) than its Android 9 pimped successor.

infinix note 6 xpen and price
The Infinix Note 6 rear view plus its XPEN

However, as per the artistic XPEN grades, the Infinix Note 6 stands out from its solid color that makes the phone much lighter and portable even with a 6.0-inch screen. To the display, adoption to the AMOLED display wagon teases full quality viewing on the Smartphone even for resolutions as low as 320p.

To the camera adoption rate, the Infinix Note 6 grabs a plus or shipping a triple rear setup just like the S4 as a lone selfie version also stands out loud with 32MP quality. But then, we shall test what the camera has to offer in our review, but for now, the Note 6 ships the best camera formation to its body unlike the Note 5 given the fact that you can now zoom in HD videos while maintaining the device aspect ratio of 18:9.

Infinix Note 6 Price In Uganda

A brand new Infinix Note 6 retails for UGX 750,000 in Uganda translating to approximately ($190) in International currency. The Smartphone price is extremely fair given the fact that it’s short by UGX 19,000 (approx $5) from its the Note 5 stylus price tag. Luckily, you can buy the Infinix Note 6 online on Jumia or simply dive in-to a local Infinix Mobility shop to grab a genuine piece.

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