Android For Everyone: This is the most affordable ITEL Smartphone you should own

Smartphones are known to be expensive, but now that manufacturers have all dragged focus to foldable smartphones and 5G, it’s time you own one affordable phone for the road. Itel mobile leads the low-range affordable pike with a bigger margin to the competition, and away from the selfie-centric S series and P Series lies the affordable A Series you should opt for.

Itel A16 is an Android Go smartphone that was unveiled as an alternative to the A32 and its features are astonishing given its price tag. If you’re a $100 wager, the A16 is one elegant smartphone twice affordable than any other you can opt for in this range.

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Itel A16: The Most affordable smartphone you can buy

A new Itel A16 costs UGX 180,000 and its one unbeatable price you may fail to find a reasonable phone at. But with the excellent features packed to the A16, the price is simply a giveaway stretch of an affordable smartphone for everyone from the South, through the West, North to east and back to the central zones.

It’s important to realize that high-end manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Huawei focus on producing expensive phones like the Mate X and Galaxy fold that are currently trending. But the Itel promise is to make it affordable for you to own such a smartphone at a low price and the A16 is that basic refinement for a low cost on your pocket.

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The Price and Where to buy

As Smartphones tend to be expensive depending on the features, but with A16 goal, its a smartphone with bulk features and pimped with the latest Android Go version 8.1. The Itel A16 retails at 180,000/= and is available in all Itel shops including the Kampala based VIP shops like Banana world, either way, you can consider buying it on Jumia for delivery to your doorstep.

In summary, the A16 is a fantastic smartphone you can buy as your daily companion to replace the buttons layout feature phones since its a dual sim Android smartphone. So, the A16 is one phone worth to consider amidst the manufacturers take on at the Mobile World Congress as we shall not be surprised to see another superior affordable smartphone from Itel mobile in 2019 to cope with the new trend. Nonetheless, we shall Entail the A16 now that it lies on our review desk to discover its specifications and strong highlights that make it a must-have.


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