Kenyan Cryptocurrency Aidos Kuneen (ADK) to list on Exchange market

Bitcoin and all Altcoins are currently facing the worst times on the market. As per now, 1 bitcoin buys at $3800 with a higher margin from Ethereum which trades between $130-$140. However, this can be registered on the worldwide policies by Governments and beliefs by everyone. Well, a Kenyan based crypto Aidos Kuneen is set to explode to greater heights after securing a slot on the exchange market

Aidos Kuneed (ADK) is a tangle based cryptocurrency founded by Ricardo Badoer who went ahead to buy 16% shares in Sumac bank and 23% in Hakika bank according to IT Web Africa. With a main goal to have the ETF standard accepted by the Kenya (Nairobi) Securities exchange, the crypto-based ETF has its history in the US SEC where it has always been delayed or rejected further

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But with the inclusion of cryptocurrencies on a stock exchange market like the Kenya Securities exchange would attract more crypto investors in East Africa with key focus to ADK Kuneen. As per the founder, his involvement in the banking sector is a clear shot towards domination of the crypto to help expose the transparency and privacy options of Crypto as a mode of banking

As the story has been with major crypto currencies like Bitcoin and XRP adopted as means of payment is some regions, the ADK crypto is expected to be listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange before the end of the first 2019 quarter.

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Well, does this mean more investors will now understand the true benefits of Crypto in Kenya since ADK is an open source project that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability? In this bearish crypto season, we shall be on the look for the broad NSE decision on accepting the Tangle based cryptocurrency in Kenya

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