Here is a list of Mkopa phones and prices in Uganda

The cost of smartphone acquisition is becoming easier than ever before, with Mkopa phones and prices in Uganda, it’s possible for everyone to own a smart device and move from feature phones. With recent partnerships with top telcos, it’s now possible to pay for your Mkopa phone using MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money in Uganda.

As a standard, Mkopa phones are often available in Nokia and Samsung brands so as to offer the best quality possible. You can get any of the Mkopa phones and own it for 1 to 2 years with no major difficulties in usage.

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For devices in the Tecno, or Infinix brand line, for such a 1 to 2 years duration of daily usage, you must upgrade to a newer device in order to keep up with your Apps and features well integrated. So, with Mkopa phones only available in the Nokia or Samsung brand line, it’s a good signal for durability and reliability as listed below with their respective prices.

The Mkopa phones and prices

Samsung A03 Core154,0001,720781,800
Nokia C20149,0001,750787,750
Nokia C21154,0001,800811,000
Nokia C21 Plus179,0001,980901,700
Nokia C30179,0002,100945,500
Samsung A03 Core (3GB/32GB)184,0002,2801,016,200
Samsung A03 Core S182,0002,3001,021,500
Samsung A03 (4GB/64GB)214,0002,5501,144,750
Samsung A03 S (4GB/64GB)226,0002,6001,175,000
Nokia G21239,0002,9001,297,500
Samsung A13244,0003,3001,448,500
Samsung A23339,0004,0001,799,000
Nokia X10369,00040,600 (Weekly)1,952,400
Samsung A33484,00056,700 (Weekly)2,695,300
Samsung A53604,00066,150 (Weekly)3,183,850
Mkopa Phones and Prices in Uganda

Where to Buy Mkopa Phones in Uganda

airtel service center
An Airtel Service Center

You can buy Mkopa phones in Uganda by either visiting an MTN or Airtel service center near you. Upon your visit, request your desired MKopa Phone model and pay the required deposit in order to get the phone and start paying in installments. Please make sure you have the following requirements before getting your Mkopa phone.

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  1. A valid Uganda National ID card.
  2. Required deposit. For example, to get the Nokia C20, make sure you have UGX 149,000 in cash to deposit on your Mkopa account.

Once you acquire an Mkopa phone in Uganda, make sure you pay the required daily or weekly amount to avoid locking your smartphone. Failure to pay will make the smartphone unusable and force Mkopa agents to add you on a defaulters list making it hard for you to get another device.

Also, in case of device theft, make sure you report it as fast as you can to the Mkopa customer support in order to have it blocked. However, you will still be ineligible to get another Mkopa smartphone until you pay for the stolen device in full.

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