Microsoft Teams low data mode is coming soon, and here is how it works

Microsoft Teams low data mode is a feature around the corner set to strike its presence as a must activate. The feature will be rolling out as soon as this month (March 2021) as reported by Windows Central. And just like it states, people will be able to control how much data they use during video calls on the platform.

Following a clear popularity streak behind top contender Zoom, and other rivals like Google Meet, Skype, Webex, Microsoft Teams has grown popularity in all circles –not just with windows users. And now, with Microsoft Teams low data mode, you will be able to get more from the platform than any other video conferencing solution on the Internet in terms of data economy.

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By managing how much data you use on the platform, you will be able to account for your internet connection usage much easier, and if you’re in an MB/GB economy, you will be able to estimate how much data you can use per session. More so, since the feature has not been rolled out as a Lite app like other apps, it will be more convenient to use the same Teams application without a need for installing another on the same device.

As listed on the feature description, Microsoft Teams low data mode will help you preserve data and maintain connectivity even with limited network connectivity to make it easy for users to rely on the platform for their video conferencing needs.

Whether you want to preserve data or are in a location with a poor or limited network connection, sometimes it’s helpful to limit the amount of data you’re using during a video call. A new low data mode allows users to cap the amount of data that will be used during Teams video calls as well as establish different settings based on network availability.

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However, as per the Microsoft 365 suite roadmap, the feature is still in development mode, and it may be rolled out later this month even when a specific date has not been listed as yet. For now, the Microsoft Teams low data mode is a feature you might want to check out when choosing a preferred video conferencing solution.

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