MTN Business unveils a new 3-in-1 solution for enterprise customers

MTN Business now has a new 3-in-1 offer for businesses in Uganda. With the offer, the telco aims at helping business owners get more out of their day to day operations.

Through the provision of dedicated Internet, centric voice packages, and swift Money transfer with MTN Momo, business owners can have the power to concentrate on growing their business and not worry about communications to the next goal.

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The Triple offer encompasses Voice, Internet, and MoMo for businesses making it easy for enterprise customers to run operations effectively by routing through seamless experiences that MTN as a corporate entity is known for in Uganda.

By signing up for the offer, MTN Business customers receive free service installation on fixed voice, discounted Mobile Money transaction fees, and free fixed Internet installations.

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To spice up the offer, free subscription for the first month, discounts on monthly subscriptions, free domain registration, and hosting at MTN Data Centers come as additives to the overall package.

According to Ibrahim Ssenyonga, the MTN Business General Manager. Businesses often choose multiple providers for reliability and to lower costs. But with multiple edges, provider management is often a headache with many having different administration tools for business owners.

“At MTN, we believe that it’s better to find a provider who has all the coverage and solutions you need, can be your single point of contact and you can take advantage of economies of scale for not just better pricing, but more efficient delivery as well,” Ssenyonga said.

Additionally, Ssenyonga inked that the recent changes brought up by the current COVID19 Pandemic have taught business owners a new alternate route. Consumers are taking digital as a top priototy, so, this means a new normal for the business ecosystem that has to adopt the new standards.

“COVID19 has changed the way people do things. Businesses that have quickly adopted remote ways of working stand a good chance of survival as more people seek convenience that comes with online trading. This new offer is, therefore, part of MTN’s wider scheme to further consolidate its effort at supporting and enabling SMEs and the business community in Uganda in general,”

Senyoga Added

Well, with a global footprint of empowering partners and customers, the MTN Business offer will give entrepreneurs a new breather to brace packages laid by the telco in Uganda.

With Fiber Connectivity and Broadband Internet as the core Internet package offer, business owners will easily embrace digital with reliable connectivity and a suite of services offered by the telco.

So, the new business offer is one that will pump life into a section of businesses that may have pondered for continuity packages in the current COVID19 Pandemic that has left many

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